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Relieve Reboot Relive

It is both a boon and a bane to be born and being able to witness the dynamics of the 21st century for individuals around the globe. For people driven by the hunger to achieve better than today on major forefronts like careers and relationships, the innate passion has scientifically been proven to be a …

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You Have To Pick – And That’s Not Always A Bad Thing.

Having entered her dream job straight out of college, and to an industry which was on the cusp of a boom, Sarah Jacob never had to switch jobs for either better opportunities, challenges, or a hike. At 23, she was anchoring a 10 Pm prime time show called Crime and the City and had no …

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Hey Siri…Will You Make Me Irrelevant?

From the moment we wake up to the time we reach work in the mornings, we create at least a 1000 data points, says Shweta Homji. Being on the receiving end of this data, Shweta has seen what AI and Data can do. Algorithms are evolving at an exponential rate every second and there’s no …

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5 TED talks on Rejuvenation – Relieve. Reboot. Relive.

In the busy lives we lead, we often forget to cherish our true purpose of life and get lost in chasing the goals that seem blurry after a while. If we don’t give enough time and space to ourselves, it becomes quite challenging for us to restore our positiveness and faith in the purpose of …

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