Talent Acquisition

A question we love asking children is “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. We get all sorts of interesting and funny answers. But this question doesn’t disappear after our childhood. It actually resurfaces when we have to decide a career
All of us decide, sometimes multiple times, a career path for ourselves during the course of our lives. For that career path we study, get degrees or diplomas, get certifications or do various courses. It doesn’t end there. We strive for an entry into to our job of choice followed by a continuous struggle to achieve a highly revered and successful job.
We are currently living in a digital age where, what one thinks is easily revealed in various social networking sites. Internet has completely changed the recruitment process. At one point of time when a new employee was being suggested his resume or his alma mater was the only source of reference today that person’s personal life is also available just a click away.
What is crucial during a recruitment process is – person job fit. That simply put means the requirements of the job matches the skills and attitude of the employee. The employee must be able to understand the company’s vision and work accordingly. An organization is not only known for its products and but also for the people working in the organization known as Internal branding.
Looking for a job was restricted to sending a resume after finding a suitable job posting. Today the likes of naukri.com and monster.com have made life much easier. People can continue to be in contact of their professional associates using linkedn and employee referrals have reached a new level.
Companies also need to change with the dynamically changing talent acquisition scene. The companies should be able to identify fresh talent and also be able to judge the existing talent for hiring top management. The organization also has to market itself for the right employees to get interested in it. Also the organization may require a highly specialized individual for their operations.
Some innovative companies are also leveraging social media to build talent communities. Different sourcing strategies are being applied based on the understanding of the job and where the talent can come from to fill them.
Increasingly companies are being measured on parameters such as the “best company to work for”. Lists are being made by Forbes, India Today and newspaper dailies. Employee retention is also being given its due importance.
Firms are now building a proper talent acquisition strategy to recruit the right employees. An effective strategy saves resources wasted on reselecting, dissatisfied customers, losses and a poor brand image. The recruitment process is important both for the acquiring firm to get the best talent as well as for an individual to find the best company that would help them display and develop their professional accumen.