Teachers’ Day 2020 @FIIB – Here’s How FIIB Racers Expressed Their Gratitude For Their Teachers!

World Teachers’ Day is a day well-celebrated universally to appreciate the efforts and dedication of those who spot and groom the students of today and transform them into the torchbearers and leaders of tomorrow. In the educational institutes, it is looked upon as almost the most special day of the year, when both the present and the past students express their gratitude towards their teachers and reminiscence the favorite moments and the contributions made by these mentors in their lives.

This year at FIIB while the celebrations were different from the past years as the students and teachers came together virtually to celebrate this inspirational day, but in enthusiasm it was as wholehearted, and in feelings as touching, as ever. 

Bringing an essence of art in their expression of gratitude 

In paying their tribute to the faculty, some of our students came up with a lot of innovative ideas and chose to express their feelings towards their teachers through the art forms they’re best at – singing, poetry recitation, dancing, and whatnot.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the students’ performances:

Weaving the wizardry of words in their greetings

Some of the other students chose to share their gratitude through highly thoughtful messages. Here’s a glimpse of some of the messages that clearly highlight the meaningful roles FIIB’s educators play in their students’ lives:

Overwhelming, isn’t it? Well, it goes without saying that teachers leave a great impact on the students through their knowledge and experiences. They not only guide and mentor the students by showing them the right path when things seem blurry, but also motivate them to stretch themselves that extra bit to achieve their goals.