Technology Changing the Landscape of Jobs – An MBA Student’s Perspective

It has become very much complex to answer the question whether technology will reduce the number of jobs. The simple answer is ‘no’ but an elaborate answer would include how technology is changing the landscape of jobs and how we need to update our skills to stay relevant. Actually, there are two viewpoints, either with the rising technology human unemployment will be on a rise and robot will replace humans or due to artificial intelligence (AI) human will require more skills and maybe the demand for humans will rise. Let’s look at both perspectives here.

We are living in the era where technology and humans are working together. We get everything on a single click and it is actually very cool. You get food where at your place, you get the things of your choice without wasting your time in lots of research every time. Having fun on commanding the devices which are doing your digital stuff. Amazon, one of the top eCommerce markets have already started a sort of convenience store in its headquarters Seattle named as “Amazon Go” Where the customer just enters, scan their phone  look and pick up whatever they want and then just walk out. Due to their technological innovation, machine can sense what customer buys, and when they leave their phone pops up automatically with a receipt of all the item they have purchased. In developed countries, since the comparable data is easily available of diverse industries, so they lesser amount of people who are willing to take up low paying jobs that doesn’t evolve over time and doesn’t require any thinking.

What jobs will be gone?

Role of data entry nowadays is mostly done by the software and Artificial intelligence. For example, in large companies earlier there was lots of manpower were required to do certain kind of jobs like: – file transferring, data entry, file maintenance etc. But then Big data now a day is coming into the picture, which is handling a large amount of data in its data warehouse by using a “key matrices “system.  Where the role of the big data is to create a data warehouse in which its job is to maintain the CRM, Billing, ERM, Flat Files, and all the systems were operated in just at a single click. where earlier it was a very tedious task for the employees as well used to cost more to the company. All of these jobs will soon vanish in thin air.

Technology Changing the Landscape of Jobs - An MBA Student’s Perspective

What could be the upcoming jobs?

Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Big data and Data analytics, with the introduction of all these new technologies the job were more emphasized towards the analysis of numbers and pulling out certain decisions. All the eCommerce companies such as amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, railway ticket booking system etc are using these systems to increase the demand and the level of consumer satisfaction. Data intelligence gathers the data related to the searches and transactions of the users and observes the pattern of the searches to predict the behavior of users. This information is used to display the products which are mostly searched by the users and improve the user’s interaction with the app or site. So, the upcoming jobs would require skills in analysis and analytics, and the ability to make rational decisions based on data.

As Business Students, we would say that there are only 2 things one can do to overcome this fear of technology changing the jobs: 1. Keeping yourself in pace with the trends that are taking over the corporate 2. Unlearning and relearning the concepts that are relevant to this modern techie corporate world. That is how we can stay ahead in the changing landscape of job market.

Arunesh Agashe
Divya Udharamani
Class 2018 – 20