The benefits of a study abroad program.

A study abroad program can bring one the most important significant changes in a management student’s growth and learning. Here, we are talking about different ways in which a study abroad programs can work wonders for the students:

Practical learning: Based on your college/university, you may go for 3 years, 1 year, or a month long study abroad program, but an unmatched learning is guaranteed. Visiting a country is a wonderful opportunity to not only enhance the knowledge of a given subject but also expand your exposure to a new culture, customs and traditions and how people do business and what are the values and beliefs they uphold. For example, one student who went to Dubai, was excited to know about Islamic Banking and its norms, a practice, he only heard of but never really saw in action back home.

Cultural exchange: In a new country you can pick up activities and interests which are usually uncommon back home. For example learning a new language, learning a new skill like: pottery, painting, a traditional dance form, and of course cooking! And through all this build friendships and bond with people around.

Opportunities: to support your study program, you might want to have a side earning in your free time. From working in a corporate firm to working in a restaurant, the opportunities are in abundance. This would also look good on your CV and prove how resourceful and hardworking you are. To be able to grab a job with your studies that too in a foreign land, is totally an achievement worth mentioning on you CV and can improve your chances of understanding the work culture and social fabric of that country. In case you are required to write a report/project on your study abroad program, your experience will come handy and you can mention all personal experiences and encounters.

A holistic development: in case you are already familiar with the language of the new country then your stay can work as an opportunity to polish your language skills by practicing with the natives. On the other hand, if you go to a country where there is a fair chance of picking up another language or accent, it would also serve as an opportunity to learn a new language. Together, becoming proficient in a language and learning a new one almost always works in your favor during a job hunt or further internships. Also, once you graduate, you might want to go back and find an employment opportunity in that country and your language skills will put you in more comfortable situations with the locals and in day to day life.

At FIIB, every year a study abroad program is conducted for its second year students, right after their 3 month long Corporate Internship Program. In the past, students have been taken to locations such as Slovenia, China, Finland, and Dubai. Apart from experiencing the thrill of traveling to a completely new location, we ensure that our students get to the very core of how management takes place at various working setups in those countries. This program gives them an experience which is unmatched, in terms of global exposure and lateral thinking.