The Best Management Experience…Ever!!!

Samavesh 2015 has been one of the finest experiences in short course of life. It has been one of the best management lessons. FIIB has given me a great platform in the form of Samavesh to showcase my leadership skills and learn extensively about how to work professionally. With the help of the faculty mentors, my senior cultural co-heads (Vaishali Dhawan and Janis King) and other volunteers, we were able to make Samavesh 2015 a success story.

We started the planning process with a brief meeting of organizing committee with all the club heads and the Faculty mentors of the cultural club and discussed the key takeaways from the last year’s fest. Taking leads from the senior heads of the club we listed the events/competitions that can be held along with their respective rules and regulations. An e-mail was floated announcing the preparation designs of Samavesh and invited students to be the volunteers and for support/popularize the fest. Henceforth, all the events were scheduled in the 2 day program as per the availability of the time slot with the help of the faculty mentors.

We believe in the basic rule of marketing –  ‘Jo Dikhta Hai wo Bikta Hai’. Our next step after the smooth sailing of operational activities was the creating brochures and posters that can be distributed and sent to other colleges for participating. Several colleges of University of Delhi, Indraprastha University and PGDM Institutes across India were invited personally through e-mails, calls and meetings. Getting sponsorship from renowned brands such as Nirula’s, Worlds of Wonder, FrienZone was the Next Big Thing. It was a pleasure networking with the corporates since approaching, meeting and convincing them for sponsoring our event taught us several tactics to deal clients in a positive way.  Time Crunch was a major issue considering other activities, class/exam schedules at FIIB. Samavesh taught us the nitty-gritties of organizing and managing a big scale event with time management as a crucial aspect.

The two days of fest turned out to be a grand success; co-ordination of the core team members and the volunteers was perfect and everyone worked in tandem with the requirements and plans. It was a great moment to see continuous effort of 1 month paying off.

The key learning’s while organizing the fest are as follows –

1. Managing time (finishing work within deadlines)
2. Marketing (felt like a true salesman, going out in the field and showcasing Samavesh to its potential sponsors)
3. Multi-Tasking
4. Managing resources
5. Coordinating with different teams
6. Maintaining a rapport with all the colleagues and volunteers and the seniors (students, faculty and staff)
6. Leading Teams
7. Keeping clarity in all the important elements of organizing an event