“Your actions must speak louder than what your CV shows!”

Hello Sir, can you please tell us something about your journey in and after FIIB? 

“Hi, I’m an alumni of 2002-2004 and I could take admission there through my MAT scores. I took up International Business. I was keenly interested in Foreign Trade and that is the reason why I chose to enter the FIIB campus. 

It was 2003 December and I was the first person to be hired from the campus placement. I joined Primos Telecom where I was in Corporate Sales and I worked there for 1 year. After that I entered United Spirits, which is the alcohol beverage company of Vijay Malya. I worked there again in the post of sales. I was handling around 250 online and offline liquor shops. Then I was in Times of India, handling Corporate Sales. I was working in the ‘dot com venture’ of times like IndiaTimes.Com,  SimpleMarry.Com and TimesJob.Com and so on. In TimesJob.Com, I was an Account Manager there. Then I worked as a Media Planner Buyer in an advertising agency and explored different sides of marketing. Then eventually I was in IBM and with the flow of time here I am in EY as a Digital Marketing Campaigns Manager and currently I am very busy with the COVID-19 campaigns.”

How to deal with this COVID-19 stress? 

“The COVID-19 Pandemic was completely unpredictable. We must know that it is the same for us all. No matter where we are, it is the same for everyone. In terms of economy too it is the same for everyone. So, we must understand one thing that this is the new normal. ‘work from home’ is the new trend now and we must keep on exploring the ways in which we can grow even if we are not moving out of home. 

If one will look at the brighter side of the picture, one will be more relaxed. The economy is expected to come back by November 21st 2020. Recession was there once and again recession will hit, but again, recession will be the same for everyone. So, everyone is in this together and everyone must work hard at the given time to bounce back to normal.”

What would you like to suggest to the students for elevating their career excellence?

“The recession due to COVID -19 will eat up jobs. As in there will be less hiring and the recruiters will make sure that they are hiring the best from the lot. So, it is crucial to upskill oneself in the time that one has got in the Lockdown. The CV of a student will just have the CGPA and even if it is really good, it will really not kind of denote the skills that will come handy to a specific organization. So, it is very important to polish oneself as much as possible.

Recruiters will choose the best one. People with all-round experience and sound knowledge that are beyond textbooks will be in demand. I suggest the students take up skill development courses online. In case someone wants to get into marketing, the in-trend courses are Social Media Campaigns, Analytics and so on. Upskilling oneself is the key! Sit back and think why should one hire you, work on yourself accordingly.”