The Core Leadership.

Leadership is not an act, it is an art that is practiced with passion and patience then it is nurtured with the rejections and finally crafted into a masterpiece that is followed by a person who has the ability to take initiative, innovate, take responsibility and practice it with dignity and respect.
People may oppose to the ideas of leaders as it is said to bring a change is not as easy as it seems to be. Leaders can be considered fools with unreal and materialistic ideas but a real leader never strives away from the criticism. On the other hand, they accept it and turn that hostility into an opportunity to build up strategies to achieve success.
A leader actually needs that criticism because nowhere on this earth we can find a person that does not build up a sense of god ship when he/she is praised. A leader fails when he forgets the past and his deeds and has the sense of being an unbeatable. As Bhagwat Geeta quotes “Leaders should be resilient in their actions and should not be weakened by pain and pleasure.” Social hostility might become unbearable and but a real leader never gets weakened.
Core leaders may be termed as born leaders who have the skill set to lead people and reach the goal with their ability to influence and motivate people to perform the necessary task with the most effective way possible. A core leadership skill requires strategy, action and results to be a major area of focus.
Talent hits a target that no one else can hit, but genius hits the target that no one else can see. An efficient leader will always have an effective strategy bagged with him/her. Now the question that pops up is what does an effective strategy require.

An effective strategy requires:-
· Vision: –
o Inspired leaders have a vision and they pass on this vision to the followers in order to develop new leaders amongst them. Great leaders always build leaders they never build followers.
o Leaders set up a purpose for the people to perform. People will work hard for pay checks, they will even work harder for a person, but they will work hardest for a purpose.
o Set a purpose that is feasible, achievable, realistic and clear. A leader will always focus on building up visions rather that leading people in some indefinite path.

· Planning:-
o A leader will always have an analysis of situation done in his mind. Anticipation of the upcoming events provides a time to a leader to manage the goals and get things done.

Only strategies cannot make a leader achieve a goal. Strategies formulate a way and show path that can be followed to reach the desired objective, but a leader must be action oriented.
An idea only remains a curious thing unless we decide to do it. For many leaders desire is not the factor that holds them back, it is the knowledge of how to execute.
    Action requires firm decision making ability and an effective communication channel. These two things enhance the participation of people and hence channelize the flow of ideas. The ideas than can be formulated into results.
Lastly a leader must be result oriented. He/she should believe in the risks that they have taken, they should believe in the people they are working with, believe in the strategies built and actions taken. Accept the failures and take the responsibility of failures too. A real leader will acknowledge the mistakes and start building new strategies keeping the long term goals in mind.
A great leader will never stop caring for his/her people because people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care for them. Lead in a way to inspire many and bring out positive changes. As Dalai Lama quotes “What distinguishes us as human beings is that we are capable of bringing positive change.”
We all have leaders hidden somewhere in our core is just the ability to realize that how and when we are ready to take an initiative, accept the responsibility and take the driving.