In this Darwinian world where need to success is all that count for business, sometimes the mean is left behind or one try to bend the rule sometime it flourishes while sometime not. We do here “how can decision be in his favor”, “it went all against logic”. But then the harsh truth that decision too gets influence by politics, as politics have different connotation in various scenario. While in business world it’s all about the abyss to apex.
The strategic decision to pull out the Tata plant during the early days from Singur in West Bengal was a result of the opposition from the opposite party namely the Trinamool congress and the social activist mainly due to the land acquisition. The business prospect of Ratan Tata to launch dream project of Tata Nano was given a setback. Thereby we can see how political pressure even from the opposite party can change the outlook of business prospect.


While the same politics open a galore of opportunity for others, Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision to see business was altogether at different level. He believed that for a state to run well not only to run well but also do extraordinarily well from all counterparts the development wagon could not be run only on one wheel the other wheel was as important as the first one and the business prospect and investment was the success of wheel this time around.
The support that Gujarat government gave to business tycoon was immense, Tata project was brought up in Gujarat giving them the due requirement and support and in return the overall development of state was foresighted. That was how a good rapport with politics helped the Tata to come up with their Nano. The other tycoon who did had the better ways to do business was none other than Dhirubhai Ambani, who was accused of unethical business practices and maneuvering the norms as he had good tie ups with leaders of his time. The overall business had a good impact over the economy and many common people got employment, it was the vision of Dhirubhai, how well to carry tie with political power to become one of the biggest company in the world where we can see the alignment how politics can shape business entity.


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  1. Abhik Shome says:

    it is necessary for businesses and govt to work cooperatively with each other…but it is also important that both of them work for the general welfare of the people..it is after all the people they are serving….so it should be for the welfare of them. govt should support those companies which are working to help the people.

  2. Srinivasulu says:

    Excellent well said Pradeep!!!

  3. Srinivasulu Goguri says:

    Excellent article Pradeep!!! Given a insight of political influence on Indian Business growth.. Would have also given more light on how a common man get awareness on current situation and teach lesson to this corrupt Politicians & Politics…

  4. hemanth says:

    Good work…. Comparison was so opt for the topic

  5. Santhoshini says:

    Well said, pretty useful!! 🙂

  6. musab ahmed says:

    Great information ahead.. i appreciate you for your hard work on the subject..but as far as indian politics is concerned. narender modi is not developing the nation he is a coward who is making money in all possible ways from the projects.he is a murderer and a sadist.


    Extraordinary information delivered….its quite true that without political influence its very hard to groom a business now a days. In addition to this the capital investment also plays a major role in the up liftment of the organisation. Then it comes to the business strategies on which you follow.

  8. Pavan says:

    Every word here is true and one cannot deny this fact. I could not agree anymore than you did.

  9. Srivardhan Kallem says:

    Good one pradeep.. here is the actual scenario to prove how our country is still in the Under Developing criteria!! with day by declining economy.

  10. Richa Singhania says:

    well you message has been rightly targeted…there should always be a demarcation of policy makers and regulators in order to have effective decision making in place and better control.

  11. Pullela sunilkumar says:

    Good article Pradeep …actually our political parties may be quarrelling over every conceivable subject but they are united when it comes to the crucial elements of their politics..you know guys our politicians are like “Opaque”….they never show brightness to our people.

  12. Ajay kesari says:

    very nice article . Good work
    keep going

  13. Sandeep Reddy says:

    I had read a nice article on the present politics. Any way congrats dude for a good artice.

  14. Vidyadhar Sai Harish says:

    Article is good Pradeep. It has perfectly explained the present political scenario, why INDIA is still a developing country.

  15. Manikanta says:

    Excellent work!! Great effort in presenting the propaganda

  16. Manikanta says:

    Excellent work!!! have done a great job in capturing the details and presenting the propaganda

  17. Raghunath CPKR says:

    Good study!!!!

  18. sidhartha says:

    Fantabulous team work guys.. hope for the expected change… and i wish govt. realises.

  19. Mihir Magidewar says:

    The truth was revealed. Really good article which clearly portrayed the current situation of Indian politics.

  20. Imran Syed says:

    Good Work ra…
    Influence of Political back round on business

  21. Kartheek says:

    Nice analyzation…… every word is true…

  22. Gous khan says:

    Sounds good !!!!

  23. Sai Harsha Vardhan says:

    This post truly articulates the modus operandi of our politicians. For a better India, we would need our politicians to let go off their personal financial profitability and look at improving the country’s economy. We would need people more like Modi.

  24. Steve says:

    Something that has been living in the system for a very long time…clean and neat…!!

  25. Rakesh says:

    Nice article Pradeep..well said.

  26. Steve says:

    Clear and neat information depicting the current political scenario and the business world when played together….kudos Pradeep!!

  27. A.Pranith Sai says:

    Very good article

  28. Brahmmeshwari says:

    Well said

  29. varun reddy says:

    Good work …

  30. vishal says:

    extra ordinary well said.

  31. Mamatha says:

    Good post explained very well of the impact of politics on business how political pressure can influence the outlook of the business

  32. Sujith Kumar Boinapalli says:

    The blog showers light on the burning issues of India. Politics is a field wherein one needs lot of experience and endurance to deal with the pressures of higher command. The report here describes how the influence of even the opposition party can effect the descisions of the command. It effects the sensitive issue of public belief that politics can be blown in the direction of “how it can help him” rather than “how it is to be done”.

  33. Anudeep Krishna B says:

    It is a process that has been followed through centuries of ancestry. Behind every successful business venture there will be a political person lurking nearby somewhere.

  34. Princi Soni says:

    The content of the blog is very precise and very well explained. The topic chosen is also appreciable, besides that few examples which are being used also showcase, how politics sometimes helps in bringing so much of opportunities.

  35. Abhik Shome says:

    in order for businesses to do well…it needs the helping hand of the government. But having said that, it is important to note that the business brings a positive change in the lifestyles of the community they are setting up the industry in…and it also doesnt harm the environment in any way. at the end of the day, businesses and government are there to serve the people..hence it is imperative they do so properly.

    a well written Blog Pradeep. excellent way to go!

  36. neha says:

    great effort

  37. Harsha says:

    66 yrs of independence…. Is this the nation which Gandhi dreamed of ?? when does the politicians think of working ethically?? can only money drive them to happiness ?? voice of common man need to be raised if not the next generation may live below the poverty line.

  38. Sai Mithil says:

    Quiet informative … and good one pradeep…:)

  39. prem kumar says:

    if the politicians ever had enough time for development . India would have got industries that would increase our productivity, rupee would not have stumbled like today.

  40. vinay says:

    i completely agree..

  41. C D Raghavendra says:

    time for the common man to rebound.

  42. Srujan says:

    Good article.. It perfectly explained about the cost of political influence

  43. sridhar says:

    very informative n impressive. .

  44. Raja says:

    Good article. Very informative.

  45. Srujan says:

    Good article…..it perfectly explained about cost of political influence .

  46. Nagi Reddy says:

    Yes exactly. Political influence in our lives is both beneficial and detrimental to our existence.

  47. Sumanth minnakanti says:

    Nice document which really tells how important the influence of politicians.

  48. gowtham says:

    This is really a good article. I njoyed reading this blog. This is nrilliantly done Nd should be appreciated officially. Keep it up

  49. akthar hussain says:

    I totally agree with the views…politics has and will influence the business ….vision like dhirubhai will always win… Gud one.

  50. K.Krishna Shesha Sai says:

    I think Dasari Pradeep has very good Leadership Qualities which can take him to a higher position and i strongly feel that this position have to be given to him so that he can design that position very well .

  51. srikanth k says:

    this is the real situation happening in india .. a politician alone cannot drive the success of india we need a leader .. hope for + ve results after the next election

  52. Palaparthy Solomon Subhas says:

    need to change the mindset of politicians .. if not you cannot look for the nation which u have dreamed of. I mean What I say

  53. Raja says:

    The content in this site is truly wonderful after long time I am seeing some useful content in the blogs.

    Truely great job……….

  54. sangam.lalsivaraju says:

    good one

  55. Abhinav Reddy says:

    Let the nation be run by the bureaucrats, they can do a better job than this corrupt politicians who made India into a gutter..

  56. rakesh says:

    why dont you change the title to impact of corrupt politicians .. that better suits to the indian context

  57. pravalikamethuku says:

    unless the mindset of politicians is changed .. we cannot see India in a positive growth….

  58. Sampath says:

    I was just going through this blog by reading different kinds of approaches on different things but when i have read this about the political impact on our economy where Mr.Dasari Pradeep has explained it really very good.In one word this is Fabulous and sounds awesome for me.

  59. Rakesh Gandhe says:

    This article has brought up a very intriguing topic about the adversities of political influence in every prospect. As you mentioned business sector had to suffer the most because of double standards of politicians in our country. With reference to your example of Tata project moving out of Bengal state, i completely agree your point. If it had not been opposed by the Opposition party a farmer’s son could have got employment instead of working in the fields. Instead of protesting against the whole project they could have fought for reallocation of farmers lands which would result in every one’s upliftment economically. The political parties nowadays look for personal profits and own agendas rather than focusing on the people benefits. Hopefully we would like to see responsible and people service oriented political parties emerge and contribute to the economic growth of society and its citizens.
    Congratulations on a good work. Articles like this can trigger a thought flow in citizens. Commendable on your part. All the best Mr.Pradeep

  60. Balu says:

    Good analysis on present situation.

  61. Anil Reddy says:

    Article is very good.

  62. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy says:

    this truly depicts the current situation in india … unless the politicians stop thinking of their personal interest we cannot india cannot be a superpower

  63. Rama Raju Konuganti says:

    one cannot deny the fact that politicans have screwed india…. but unless the common man raises his voice against the politicians of india the nation will be always called as emerging market and never be a super power

  64. shanthan reddy says:

    Absolutely true. Explained the current situation in country very well.
    Good work.

  65. Adithya says:

    Good Work, Keep it up! This is the reason why many companies are fearing to invest in India, may the government remove the bottlenecks for a good economy.

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