In this Darwinian world where need to success is all that count for business, sometimes the mean is left behind or one try to bend the rule sometime it flourishes while sometime not. We do here “how can decision be in his favor”, “it went all against logic”. But then the harsh truth that decision too gets influence by politics, as politics have different connotation in various scenario. While in business world it’s all about the abyss to apex.
The strategic decision to pull out the Tata plant during the early days from Singur in West Bengal was a result of the opposition from the opposite party namely the Trinamool congress and the social activist mainly due to the land acquisition. The business prospect of Ratan Tata to launch dream project of Tata Nano was given a setback. Thereby we can see how political pressure even from the opposite party can change the outlook of business prospect.


While the same politics open a galore of opportunity for others, Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision to see business was altogether at different level. He believed that for a state to run well not only to run well but also do extraordinarily well from all counterparts the development wagon could not be run only on one wheel the other wheel was as important as the first one and the business prospect and investment was the success of wheel this time around.
The support that Gujarat government gave to business tycoon was immense, Tata project was brought up in Gujarat giving them the due requirement and support and in return the overall development of state was foresighted. That was how a good rapport with politics helped the Tata to come up with their Nano. The other tycoon who did had the better ways to do business was none other than Dhirubhai Ambani, who was accused of unethical business practices and maneuvering the norms as he had good tie ups with leaders of his time. The overall business had a good impact over the economy and many common people got employment, it was the vision of Dhirubhai, how well to carry tie with political power to become one of the biggest company in the world where we can see the alignment how politics can shape business entity.