The day FIIB got its results: Satisfaction Survey

The butterflies in the belly after an exam are no surprise to anyone. Everyone who is reading this has experienced this anxiousness after they appear for any test especially if they really want the results to be in their favour. FIIB after conducting myriad tests, assignments, internship programs and exams for its students, appeared for tests of its own which was evaluated by the students of the ongoing as well as graduating batch.   

The key to driving a successful business is understanding the consumer behaviour, their necessities and feedback on the end product. FIIB, being one of the top institutes for MBA in India, tries to inculcate this activity into the yearly calendar, by conducting a student satisfaction survey among the demographic of the outgoing batch. The students with their experience of life at FIIB, made us proud and content with their positive assessment of the institute.


Students Satisfaction Survey, conducted at the end of the academic year of PGDM Program, aims to measure the level of students’ satisfaction with their one year experiences at FIIB for the students of first year as well as second year. This support strategic planning and decision-making regarding further improvement of Institute services to students. The survey forms were distributed to the students in their emails so as to make them at ease an feel comfortable to ensure maximum participation. To retrieve optimal analysis from the survey it is really important to have a large demographic participating in it.


The parameters for survey were confined to Program, Support System, Career Management and FIIB Life. These are majorly the areas which hold the responsibility for the establishment and upliftment of the career of students. The questionnaire for Program included assessment of the course curriculum, classroom learning, methods and implementation, student mentoring and guidance from the faculty and peer group intellect. The Support System was adjudged in various categories such as technical support and maintenance, library, infrastructure, security, cafeteria, cleanliness and hygiene.

Career Management refers to services rendered in the field of placements, recruitments, internship opportunities, support with live projects and career advice. FIIB Life includes the student clubs activities at the institute, college fest Samavesh, the behavior and support from faculty and staff and grievance handling.


A total of 174 students were sent the  Exit survey among which 134 responded to the survey, out of which 80 were male and 54 were female. Similarly, 143 students received the students satisfaction form out of which 89 responded with a gender distribution of 56 male and 33 female. While processing the amount of data input from the students during the survey, it was very important that the analysis was done with extreme precision. Student inputs to online survey were processed at Feedback Cell and analyzed using excel tools. The date was analysed using the mean method and averages were taken into consideration to show values.


The overall feedback of students has seen a peaking rise in comparison to past years. This gives us a great deal of content as we progress in the right direction to provide advantageous education, learning environment, beneficial services and ample opportunities to the students. The faith shown by the students in the all-round facilities they received at FIIB has left our hearts brimming with pride, joy and confidence. The overall satisfaction level measured was measured on a scale of 4 with the following parameters.

1-Very Dissatisfied
4-Very Satisfied

The exit survey yielded the following results in terms of questioned parameters and data received.

The ‘Program’ received a satisfaction of 3.20 which saw an hike of 0.65% from last year. The ‘Support System’ received an advantage of 1.35% from past year survey with a rating of 2.95. ‘Career Management’ received a staggering progression of 5.16% with a rating of 2.97. ‘FIIB Life’ was one section which received a great response of 3.15 showing an elevation in ratings by 1.15%.

The Students Satisfaction survey showed even better results which made us realise that we are implementing the results of survey to better use.

The Program received a satisfaction rating of 3.12 which checks out to be at a positive difference of 2.00% from last year. The support system demanded more improvement with a rating of 2.92 still making a positive difference of 6.15% from last year. Career management stood out with a rating of 3.02 which saw an hike of 1.05% . FIIB Life displayed gracious improvement when rated as 3.09 with an increment of  3.33% from last year.

The overall satisfaction rating received from second year students turned out to be 3.06 out of 4 while the overall satisfaction from first year students was 3.04.


Considerable amount of changes have been made in respect to the curriculum and life at FIIB as per the feedback received from the students. Data Analytics courses have been induced into the curriculum irrespective of the specialisation of students to cope with the rising demands of industry. The student satisfaction survey is conducted in all its fairness and after the critical analysis of the received feedback the conclusion is implemented to supercede the areas we have been excellent in and improve the quality of services to our students so as to create a career driven and sincere environment for students.