The epilogue to what has been a blockbuster script – Convocation 2018

Well, who doesn’t like a story ? But how does a blockbuster story differ from let’s say average ones? We say, the magic lies in the script. The script that defined the success stories of 143 FIIB racers who graduated this year isn’t just magic, it’s a careful composition of just the right amount of skills and execution. Let’s look if the elements that contribute to a blockbuster script apply to the 2 years long script we’ve written for our students.


Characters bring life to the story and the character of an individual is defined by the traits and qualities distinguishing them. With core values of Right, Accountability, Collaboration, Excellence, and Respect, our students are the front-runners of management education. These qualities caught the attention of coveted employers like Ernst & Young, HDFC bank, Berger Paints, and Decathlon Group etc.


What’s the use of strategies, if you can’t follow them through? Equipped with essential skills like resource planning, problem solving, and decision making, our young graduates don’t just wear them on their sleeves, they put these skills to action in the organizations they’ve interned with or placed in. This element is the reason our students are critically acclaimed over the world.


Committed to producing leader-managers, FIIB has always stayed ahead in creating a curriculum which is always in sync with the current market expectations. Time and again, we identified the changes needed in our curriculum and pedagogy so that our students stay ahead in the race. Well, somebody rightly said, with great timing, unreachable becomes reachable and unattainable becomes attainable. The success of our graduating students is a testament to this fact


Have you ever heard the background score of the movie – The Dark Knight? While the action and timing hooks you to find out what’s going to happen next, the background score builds up the intensity. What’s it got to do with students? Easy there, our smart, spirited, dynamic, purposeful, and focussed students created enough buzz for themselves in the industry that employers like HDFC bank, Protiviti, KENT RO Systems Ltd., S&P Capital, Blackrock, and many more visit our campus again and again to recruit talent that from us. (psst, you can too; drop a mail to cmc@fiib.edu.in and we’ll take care of the rest)


They say that 80% of learning happens through visuals. Ask our students, our curriculum is designed in a way that students get to experience management concepts by actually working side by side with organizations and people. They don’t just learn the consumer behavior in textbooks, they see it happening. Since, the learning is experiential, the experiences are lively.

On the convocation evening, industry leaders, parents, and faculty stood witness to this blockbuster script of our students when they celebrated their graduation proudly with placement offers in their hands, most of them having started their journey with the corporate by then. “We’ve visited scrap markets in Delhi too, we’ve went on a business study trip to Dubai too; FIIB taught us that management concepts are in every corner. My corporate internship helped me understand the complexities of the business world. In these 2 years, I’ve grown as an individual, and I’ve learned so much. Every professor here went out of his/her way to guide me when I had difficulty wrapping my head around some concepts. I’m placed in Berger Paints, and I am excited to take on the world”, spoke Akash Ranjan Patra, student and recipient of the R K Shrivastava all rounder award for 2018.

We have been directing such scripts since the last 23 years and we believe the assimilation of skills, hard work, and the flexibility to adapt constitute the secret ingredient of this blockbuster. What are your thoughts?