The Evolution of FIIB MBA – 25 years Legacy Of Creating Futuristic Leader-Managers

25 years from today – imagining the times without our smartphones or the easy access to the internet is a bit difficult, but if you’d try you’d remember it was the time when Indian economy was taking off, thanks to the liberalization, privatization, and globalization. All businesses which were jumping on the bandwagon of foreign trade were on the lookout for managers that could understand and steer international business. 

Present day – There’s not even one single part of our routine which doesn’t include data. Go on, try – from waking up to track your sleep quality and heart rate, to checking google maps for traffic before moving anywhere, and to reading reviews to choose a restaurant to dine in. All our decisions are hugely affected by data and analytics behind it whether you agree or not. 

Two stark opposite scenarios – There’s one unifying element for FIIB, that one thing that remained constant all through, the ever changing and evolving MBA that catered to the industry needs at every point of time. How did this journey happen? Read on.

The Origin:

With the aim of equipping students with the current knowledge and train them the ins and outs of International Business, FIIB has been established in 1995. Then, FIIB was one of the few institutions which offered long-term management concepts for aspiring managers who wanted to pursue careers in the booming International Business sector. With a focussed class size and professors whose one motto was to help their students build sustainable careers, FIIB soon grew into one of the most preferred and high ranked B-School in India. 

The Journey:

Even with the times changing, how does an organization keep itself relevant? The answer is evolution. Starting from International Business, FIIB grew with the mission to merge as the best B-School in International Business in India. In 2008, when India was rapidly developing in consumer goods sector and IT, FIIB saw the need to train the young managers in various specializations that reflected the industry needs. As the era of Data dawned, FIIB underwent a curriculum change that integrates Analytics as a core element in all specializations. The belief behind which is that teaching analytics in silos would not help the student in the longer run, rather it is important to expose the future managers to the nuances of using stats and analysing data points regardless of the domain they want to build their careers on. Not just the curriculum, with time FIIB has upgraded its teaching methods including various experiential opportunities, the institute’s unique B-Involved program is a platform to gamify extracurricular and cocurricular activities for Gen-Z studying today. The 12 week internship, variety of live projects, and conferences are all designed to enhance the employability of the student. Have a glimpse at how FIIB traversed that journey.

The Way Forward:

With its mission to advance the practice of management and produce leader-managers of business and social relevance, FIIB continuously strives to evolve the way management education is taught. Be it having regular conversations with the industry to mold the curriculum to solve the evolving challenges they face or integrating fun learning methodology. FIIB’s only focus is the long term success of its students. As dinosaurs evolved into birds to keep up with the dynamic environment around them, FIIB always is on its toes to stay market relevant higher ed provider. In the near future, FIIB plans to innovate and integrate groundbreaking tech managers around the globe use in their corporate routine.