The FIIB Advantage: Akash Patra

What marvelous two years at FIIB. From being an MBA aspirant to being transformed into a business leader, FIIB has played a big role in this journey. FIIB acted as a catalyst that brought positive changes in my personality, broadened my perspective and gave me the ability to think beyond the ordinary. It is the strong management culture and the core values at FIIB that helped me become a sustainable business leader of tomorrow. It helped me to gain a competitive advantage and to excel in my professional life.

FIIB advantage

Direction in a new city

Being from Bhubaneswar, as a freshman at FIIB, I was aware of the tough competition and challenges that Delhi would have in store for me. But, when I actually landed up in such situations, I was rather clueless about what to do and how to do. Had it not been for FIIB, I would have been struggling till now. It gave me a direction to solve challenges and a platform to engage myself in productive work.

Curriculum that made an impact

The rigorous course curriculum at this institute helped me to learn concepts from diverse fields including subjects like Entrepreneurship, Electronic Business Management, and Sustainable Business Practices. It also included a lot of extra-curricular activities to help us relax and develop soft skills like communication, team management, leadership etc. We were also taken for several industrial visits and this gave us a chance to practically learn about the operations & marketing processes of well-established organizations.

Gamut of activities and opportunities

I participated in club activities like debate competition, making best out of waste and so on. What stood out in these simple competitions was that there was always an edge like we did not only have to make best out of waste, we also had to sell it. I was also given an opportunity to volunteer in various conclaves and events that are a regular affair here. Being a part of the promotion team helped me learn the art of marketing and generating a huge footfall for various events. I am thankful to FIIB for acknowledging my capabilities and electing me to handle two clubs together as a Senior Head. I conducted various activities for my clubs and even today I feel proud for all the members who consistently outperformed under my guidance. Once, I also got an opportunity to be a part of Live NDTV program, where I got to interact with politicians and engage in a discussion on “Demonetization in India”.

Faculty and guidance

Apart from this amazing exposure, the faculty at FIIB strives to give continuous support to every student. My faculty and alumni mentors guided me to realize my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to visualize my potential. I am also lucky to have made some lifelong friends with diverse backgrounds. Together, we learned many things from each other and acted as a helping hand whenever needed.

Career-oriented programs

As freshers, we had no idea about the business market/industry but CMC helped us in this area by providing live projects and internship opportunities from good companies like Paperboat, Axis Bank, Internshala and Birla Sun Life Insurance. I got to learn how to act professional and achieve business targets for a company. It felt so good to practically experiment and implement various management concepts that we have been learning in the classroom.

The best thing about being in FIIB has been the chance to visit Dubai for industrial and university visits. We got immense knowledge about international business and trade, business operations in UAE, along with meeting management students of a university in UAE. I have also been fortunate as I got to be a part of the Acculturation Program organized by FIIB and Sam M. Walton Business School. This was a student exchange program where we met Sam Walton Students from the USA and performed various learning activities together. This made us realize the true importance of cross-cultural communication in this globalized world. We also partied later and this will always be one of the most memorable experiences of these 2 years.

Nurturing talent

I always had a flair for writing and FIIB provided me a platform and allowed me to regularly write blogs on various management topics. I also love reading business magazines in my free time and FIIB library has leading business magazines that helped me stay abreast of current business market trends and developments in specific industries.

As a result of these experiences, I am now a more confident person and ready to take on any business challenge that might crop up. Finally, I am extremely grateful to CMC and FIIB, for helping me grab the post of Marketing Associate with Eldrok, a global leading strategic and marketing consulting firm. It’s the culture of FIIB that helped me groom myself professionally, think out of the box and allowed me to experiment with new ideas.

So yes, I can now confidently say that joining this institute gave me the “FIIB Advantage” which has helped me stand out in the crowd. I am now waiting for the big day of my MBA life i.e. the Convocation Day and looking forward to creating some more sweet memories at FIIB. Last but not the least, I will stay connected as FIIB Alumni and help my Alma Matter to grow even better and better every year.