The First Of All – Looking Back On FIIB’s First Batch Of MBA Graduates

It’s been a whirlwind of 25 years of teaching, learning, and growing at FIIB. It feels great to be on an exciting trajectory of continuous development. While we race forward, we are also looking back at our trailblazers – our first ever batch of PGDM students who are carrying the torch of FIIB worldwide.  An institute’s success is measured by the success of its alumni and the glorious career paths of our alumni are a living testimony of FIIB – a B-School that trains its students with not just the know-how and tools of the management but also teaches them the secrets to winning attitude.

You see, the story of FIIB is not just ours, it is a collection of hundreds of stories of people who passed through our halls.  A glimpse into those stories wasn’t just extremely insightful but also made us incredibly proud of the achievements of our people, especially our graduates – about one-third of which are serving in senior leadership positions across the globe. Cherry on the top, some of them are closely connected to us, coming back, and training their juniors to lead them to the paths they’ve chosen. 

Every passing batch is special to us, but it all started with the people in 1995. We have already told you the story of how we evolved. Now, this is the story of our first set of brilliant managers who set out with determination in minds and business expertise in hand. 

The first and foremost:

A set of 41 steadfast students with an unwavering will to change the corporate world in their own way set out in 1995. We’ve asked them where are they now, see it yourself. 

Mr. Sudeep Purkayastha

Senior Vice President & Head – Group Brand & Corporate Communications, Adani Group

Mr. Sudeep is a classic case of where hard work and persistence can take you in life. Early on, Mr. Sudeep caught up to the chase of climbing the corporate ladder of success. An active alumna of FIIB, Mr. Sudeep says, “every person who works with you teach you something, it’s up to you to learn as much as you can”

Mr. Yogendra Goel

Corporate Senior Vice President & Head of Sales, WNS Global Services
Yogendra Goel, another alumna of FIIB, scaling new heights through effective skills and knowledge he progressed high in his career crossing many milestones. Starting as an Assistant Manager at Essar Cellphones, Goel now holds a leadership portfolio as Vice President & Head of Sales, North America at WNS Global Services. 

Mr. Vikram Chauhan

Regional Business Development Manager, LG Electronics

Mr. Vikram ascended ranks in a global brand pretty quickly, thanks to his quick wit and customer oriented mindset. After his journey with FIIB, he started out as a research associate, made progression into sales and now is the Regional Business Development Manager working in Dubai. 

Mr. Tapan Bansal

Country Manager – India, Srilanka & Bangladesh, Mother Care

Mr. Tapan Bansal served at various responsible positions throughout his career and now is a country manager for India, Srilanka, and Bangladesh. Mr. Bansal believes his PURPOSEFUL nature helped him excel across various domains which ultimately facilitated his success in career.

Mr. Prasad Vanga

Angel Investor & Venture Partner, Anthill Ventures

Vanga Prasad, an ordinary student turned business personality, armed with an extensive experience of holding key positions at five major companies. Prasad established himself as an Angel Investor from the position of Project Leader due to his attitude, keen eye to detail, and well-defined career-goals.   

As we look back we also look forward. All these stories remind us of the long road we’ve come and the journey we have yet to cover. Reaching 25 is a reminder of all the good we are yet to do raising our challenges. It won’t be possible without YOU – our students, alumni, recruiters, and employees, thanks for taking us higher yet keeping us grounded.