The First Year of Business School Is Tough, But Here’s How I Thrived

Talking honestly, my first year at FIIB was far more challenging than I expected. The grind of class assignments, group projects, guest lectures and presentations, participating in different extracurricular activities, interviewing for dozens of recruiting drives to find a good fit for my social as well as corporate internship, and enjoying FIIB’s cultural fest with my friends – my freshman year of FIIB was truly a year where I  discovered the best version of myself.” –Akash Mathews, 2019-21, MBA-Marketing, FIIB.

Towards becoming a STRAIGHT-A Student

My journey of becoming a ‘STRAIGHT-A student’ started after being elected as a class representative. It made me work diligently for the whole class. Then I took a step ahead and got selected as a club co-head. With these additional responsibilities, I strengthened my personality and management skills. Further, volunteering for a gamut of events organized at FIIB – TEDxFIIB, OPEX Conclave, Finance Conclave, Marketing Conclave, Meraki – helped me also understand the nitty-gritty of managing and organising events. Undoubtedly, this strategy of turning assigned responsibilities into meaningful opportunities for developing my managerial skills also helped me hugely in nourishing my overall personality. 

Challenges along the way

Getting involved in a whole lot of college activities helped me become a multi-tasker. I was able to merge studies and assignments with various experiential learning sessions and responsibilities. I still remember the time when one of my fellow classmates questioned my decision of volunteering in three major FIIB conclaves at a time when I was already working on a case research paper with a faculty. 

However, I chose to carry on with the back-to-back challenges, and in hindsight, I think my resolve to stay put strengthened my command over some of the most critical management skills like time management, planning and scheduling. 

Milestones and the road ahead

Luckily, most of my faculty count me as one of the more confident and dynamic students of the 25th batch of FIIB Racers. With days passing by, my exposure has deepened and so has my ability to self-drive and refine my individuality, skills, and intellect. I have continued to retain my Class Representative role in every term of the freshman year and was also elected as the student coordinator for two of the major college events – International Case Conference and International Management Conference. 

All the volunteering opportunities, extracurricular participation, and experiential learning sessions that I become part of at FIIB have helped me in improving my overall personality. 

The RACERS Community Touch 

Apart from the individual achievements, the other aspect of my stint at FIIB which I am most proud of is the FIIB RACERS Community. I now better understand the value of ‘being part of a community’ and how it inculcates an attitude of camaraderie and cooperation in an individual. Organizing various clubs activities, celebrating accomplishments together at the Gong Ceremony, engaging with the fellow students, faculty, staff and administration all add up in creating a sense of belonging and fulfilment. In my view, if there is one thing incoming students can expect to learn the most in their first year, it is: 

There will always be someone, or probably even a group of people, rooting for and supporting you.

The teachers, friends and the college staff were a major contributor in making me take the most out of my first year. They were very supportive and encouraged me throughout. One thing that I can say about FIIB after completing my freshman year is that this place focuses on the overall development of its students and gives numerous opportunities to them to understand their strengths and nurture a winning attitude in them.