The importance of education

The importance of education

Education may not necessarily refer to formal education imparted by schools and colleges but also to what we learn from experience throughout our life, what we learn because of our curiosity about our environment, what we learn from our mistakes, what we learn from our history, get the picture?

The quality of a man’s education defines his character to a great extent. The great scholars of yesteryear were mostly self taught philosophers, the great thinkers of society never had any formal education yet they are considered pillars of modern schools of thought. Their teachings have been reiterated throughout time, they’ve been quoted time and again in college text books yet they did not receive any formal education. One could argue that formal education is not necessary for leading a fulfilling life but contemporary society is such that education has been stereotyped into something that is considered paramount to leading a happy and successful life. It was not always so, one was considered wise just from the wealth of experienced garnered during their lifetime. Now it is important to have a “tag” of sorts which defines the kind of education that you have had, to be considered “wise”. Education is therefore necessary for one and all as without education society brushes you aside like trash on the streets.

You might be the sharpest tool in the shed but without a good brand tag nobody would buy you. Our reputation precedes us wherever we go in our social circle, a big part of this reputation is our educational qualification and not whether we are fundamentally smart. We are often judged on the basis of the place we went to study rather than the level of intellect we possess. It is due to this that a hierarchical structure has been formed of “good” educational institutions to study in and the “not so good” ones. Even though the ones lower in rank might be providing a much better quality of education, it is the brand that matters. This in itself is contrary to sound judgement which one can only have via quality education and a well developed logical bent of mind. Confusing?

Let’s dwell on that for a while.