The Importance of Right Networking At College

“Instead of better glasses, your network gives you better eyes.

The importance of this saying has been proved to be the reason why we at FIIB make efforts to keep freshers engaged with Alumni and organize timely events as well as conferences to ensure strong networking channels. There’s no doubt that having the grip of a strong network in hand, you can prosper any walk of career without roadblocks. At FIIB, we conduct various different conferences, seminars and conclaves that allow students to build likewise network opportunities right from the first year of their MBA. While talking about choosing the right networking opportunities at college, here are some opportunities you can seek by attending events of FIIB.

Conferences/ Seminars

Attending conferences and seminars is one great way of networking, as people visit the venue not just for the sake of attending another corporate event. Instead, they purposefully mark their calendar as such meetings help them to meet with fresh talent. When you stand behind your faculty to showcase your case study or work, you’re unknowingly in the sight of many interviewers who are looking for another aspiring talent for their respective workspaces. FIIB offers multiple networking opportunities in the form of conferences and seminars to students, which can further help them to present their expertise. 

Annual Events

Whether its Sustainability Summit where students learn to join the dots of business with sustainable choices or TEDx where influential people meet to spread ideas worth sharing – students can always volunteer in such events to make sure their presence counts in one way or another. 

Guest Lectures & Industry Visits

To boost student’s morale and ability to understand current trends better, FIIB timely take students for industrial visits where they can directly talk with corporate experts. Similarly, guest lectures allow students to understand the real-world situation from someone who has been there. It gives a concrete experience to students, which enhances their educational knowledge from books to real battleground i.e. the corporate world. In either way, students can attend the sessions and add industry experts to their network by asking the right questions or, giving rational answers. 

Student Exchange Program

When it comes to networking, the channel should also extend from campus to the outer world. And, that’s what FIIBs student exchange program focuses on. Through learning different cultures and seeking lessons from a whole new market, students have an opportunity to create some bonds that will soon convert into rightful networks as time passes. SEP is not only about exploring a new culture or place. But it is also about to participate smartly in all activities and open the gates of International networking opportunities. 

Final Verdict

Networking gives an added edge to every career. Whether you’re successfully landed to a corporate job, or running your own startup business – a breadth of networking channels give you access to a huge contact list.