The Joy of Rediscovering Yourself – Study Abroad & Overseas Programs

For many people, travel is an escape from everyday life and a means to rediscover themselves. There’s a way to weave learning with the magic of travel – Study Abroad Programs. Studying abroad is gifting oneself an unmatched experience that will redefine them in countless ways. It eradicates the barriers of learning for students and offers unparalleled education to them as at that particular time the complete world is their classroom.

Students at FIIB get multiple opportunities to experience the world in terms of student exchange, study abroad, acculturation, and global immersion programs. These culturally diverse experiences broaden horizon and being moments of pure delight of getting to know oneself better because the most fascinating stories about their journeys actually take place inside themselves, their journey of self-discovery through their travel and meeting new friends.

FIIB has partnered with these five reputed foreign schools for various types of collaborations to provide students and faculty with additional opportunities in the form of student exchange and internships, faculty exchanges and joint research:

  • Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas
  • Burgundy School of Business, France
  • Solbridge International School of Business, Woosong University, Republic of Korea
  • Uniglobe College, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • University of Salerno, Italy

Indulge in the experiences of our students reliving their study abroad moments.

When you study abroad, you experience things that are hard to find anywhere else, and the memories you’ll bring home will stay with you your whole life. Studying abroad is also a matter of boosting your confidence and stepping out of your comfort zone and what makes us happier than discovering ourselves?