The Lessons of Courage & Hope Learned by Students During W-Talk at FIIB

Amidst cheerful smiles, unbridled emotions, inspirational words and loud cheers – FIIB campus has witnessed some intrepid women who’ve turned challenges into rightful opportunities and became the enabler of change that has given new definitions to their lives. And, with those gifted definitions, they’re now wittingly empowering other women by sharing the unheard stories of courage and hope scripted proudly by themselves in the name of breaking barriers for self-growth and esteem. 

So what did FIIBs first-ever W-Talk want to convey to the students? A simple yet effective message to empower women around you to enhance their strength in the workforce. This is one common takeaway every student taken home with themselves during the W-Talk. 

We reached out to a few of the students to understand what lesson they’ve learned from the talk and asked a different set of questions to analyse their learnings. And when we compared our objective of organising such a talk session at FIIB to what our students took with them on that day – the answers were quite interesting. Running this short questionnaire followed by a quick analysis helped us to walk hand-in-hand towards the future, celebrating the exceptional ideas of women entrepreneurs and further extending the ladder of success they’ve built for others

  1. Challenges are more like candies in your path of success

On asking what are the challenges you faced on a day-to-day basis as a woman professional? Anivesha Rai, a second-year student of FIIB, remembering her corporate internship times at Hitachi stated, “Challenges are not something to get afraid of, instead they’re to embrace and evolve with the learnings they teach us. I always treated my weekly challenges as candies and struggled hard to pass by them with keeping the sweetness they carry. This really helped me to survive my CIP times and cleared my path to success, certainly.” 

  2. Unseen parts of our lives are meant to feel proud of

When Simran Nagpal, first-year student at FIIB asked about the secret sauce to success and her learnings during the talk session, she replied “We often complain about not having the power to write the script of our story. But in order to own our story in real life, we have to first embrace the destined struggles as if they’re the complimentary raw content of our big-hit story. The unseen parts of our lives are something to feel proud of. But, we are doing the opposite of it and that’s what restricts us in a bigger picture.”

  3. Urge the women in your circle to break rules rather than follow the code

Neither the panellists are all women, nor our audience carried ‘only women’ label. In order to aim for a better and equal world for everyone, we asked our next question “What’s your note on empower women for better tomorrow?” to a male student to which he replied, “My sister always cheered me up in my bad moods and took care of our family in hard times. The care and emotions she carries in herself are something that I could never bear or show. But she can never embrace success being a good girl that fits well with societal norms. That’s why I always urger her and other women in my circle to always stay ahead of the cycle of expectations, break pre-defined rules, and take lead without leaving your emotions behind.”