The New Age Leadership – 5 Must-Have Traits To Be A Effective Business Leader Today

Gone are the days when business leadership was merely related to managing a team and shaping every team member in a way that it helped the team spike up productivity that adds up to the overall business growth. According to the bestselling author and business strategist Dr. Vince Molinaro, the rules of the game of ‘how to behave and lead’ expectations in  the new-age world has changed and the emerging leaders and managers must strive to master these to be successful.

The most important rule that adds to the reputation of a leader nowadays is the advocacy for broader social change. As described by FIIB’s Faculty on Business Strategy, Prof. Arun Sangwan: “Young leaders-managers should think beyond the corporate success parameter and actively add their expertise and power to bring positive change within the society. Social Consciousness as a soft skill is something that every leader must aim for.

Let us dive deep into Dr. Vince’s new rules of leadership and see in what areas any young leader must juggle to meet the expectations of the New Normal Business and Organizational World.  

1.Befriend transformative technologies

As more and more technologies are emerging in the world, it is leaving no space for leaders to lead progressively without connecting with the digital space. Future leaders must carry a ‘ready to adopt new technologies’ mindset to ensure automation within the work process. 

Not only this, a good sense of how AI works and could help leaders understand their team members’ motivations and expectations would also be critical.

2.Mitigate risks on a global level

Irrespective of what industry they serve in, having a 360 degree understanding of what’s happening in the world and act sensitively about the same will also allow leaders to take decisive and timely actions.

While anticipation of such risks is one aspect, keeping strategic planning process in place, integration of risk analysis, and establishing communication with other stakeholders are some of the effective tasks that a young leader must always have in the To-Do list. 

3.Work towards cultivating an empathy-led working environment

As the workforce is fighting against an array of unexpected situations, it is becoming even more crucial for leaders to strengthen the communications happening within the organization and create a sense of togetherness within their communities. 

While empathy is the latest buzzword in CEO’s and leader’s conversations, they should not only limit the empathy-hype to themselves, instead they should also encourage their employees to participate in creating an empathy-led work environment. 

4.Promote a culture of inclusion and diversity

“The change starts with leaders themselves” – there’s nothing wrong in this phrase as most of the workforce thinks that leaders hold greater power to deliver diversity within organizations more than the HR.

Young leaders should promote and nurture a culture of inclusion and diversity like never before. They should aim for a team where people from any gender, age, ability, race, and sexual orientation are listened to and valued. 

5.Reach out and collaborate about social changes

Modern leaders should focus on leading with a social purpose and thus ask their team members to speak up for the social issues that matter to them the most. Support communities, strengthen employee skills and abilities, spread awareness about social issues and connect with the right stakeholders for the same are some of the ways through which leaders can repurpose corporations to drive social changes.

Lead for the future

If any leader is willing to embrace these five leadership rules, then they are more likely to identify the right opportunities for innovation and growth. But to be able to do so they first need to recognize these new improved leadership rules that will enable them to lead effectively in an ever changing and ever evolving new but unseen future.