The Pursuit of Study Overseas – How I went beyond the curriculum to fulfil My Dream?

Studying abroad is something that I aspire to fulfil since my school time. Throughout my ‘turning into an adult’ stretch, I used to quest for study abroad adventure stories that would fire up my wanderlust of travelling overseas. Yes, you got me right here! The whole idea was to fulfil my desire to travel overseas without giving up on my studies,” says Saurav Barman, 2021 student of MBA-Operation, FIIB.

Basic things first

What should anyone who has a dream to study overseas do to make it happen? Study hard, appear in IELTS, hope for good test scores, and it’s done! Right? No, not always. In my case, it was a bit different. I knew from the beginning that there would have to be a cut-through to the road of my dream. So to accomplish my dream, I quickly started preparing a list of top B-Schools in Delhi that had strong international connections. At that time, my main focus was to get myself enrolled in a college that followed an industry-relevant and global curriculum.

While giving direction to my future study plan, I got to know that FIIB has good connections with some of the prominent business colleges around the globe. So I made up my mind to pursue MBA from here and grab the opportunity to study abroad for a semester through the Student Exchange Program. 

Don’t pretend you’re enjoying the ride if you are frightened

I still remember that day when I was feeling so clueless about how to balance my on-going MBA classroom assignments with my exchange program studies. I almost decided to let someone else have this opportunity. But as destiny would have it, I had to visit my faculty mentor on that very day, and while discussing what challenges I’m facing in the second semester, I shared my dilemma with him. 

My mentor asked me whether I ever got a chance to enjoy a roller coaster ride to which I said “yes, many times!”. He then said, “think of the time when you are on a roller coaster ride pretending to your friends that you’re having great fun. But in reality, the ride has literally scared the living daylights out of you!”

Pro tip? This whole ‘making it fake’ attitude is something that you have to get rid off if you really want to fulfil your study abroad dream. 

My wanderlust ride has taken its full speed right from that moment and there’s been no looking back after that. Honestly, that small little change in my perspective, of considering the whole balancing puzzle of a roller coaster ride and staying honest with what I’m feeling, actually helped me conquer my ‘a semester abroad’ dream.

A right action plan leads you to your desired goals

I often wonder how some people achieve their desired goals within a set timeline while others find it hard to even figure out where to start? One day while attending a training session, I asked Dr. Sangeeta Chopra, our Student Exchange Program Coordinator at FIIB, precisely this question and she introduced me to the concept of creating an action plan to unleash the desired success. Following a set routine has never been my cup of tea, but anyhow I prepared a time table to ensure that nothing gets out of my control. 

From attending MBA lectures, participating in college events, working with fellow mates on a group project, to refining my communication skills, seeking guidance from my student exchange program coordinator, to give my best shot for the IELTS – everything was listed in my action plan. Luckily, I prefer to value smart work over hard work and that literally kept me enthusiastic and motivated to achieve my desired results. 

Pro tip? Setting big goals is easy but following those goals to turn them into a reality is a bit difficult. So, try to list smart goals rather than hard goals. 

Tasting the result of dedication

I started off by applying for the semester exchange program at SAM Walton Business School in August 2019, got my IELTS cleared, went through the exchange program procedure and now I’m here, finally attending classes at Sam Walton (University of Arkansas). I’m grateful to FIIB for providing me such a wonderful platform where I can have global exposure to both academics and different cultures, and above all for helping me to achieve my dream of studying abroad.