The Secret Behind My Success

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

Getting admission into a professional course was a big challenge for me. I always had a low self-esteem and counted myself at the bottom of the pyramid. I had complexities that hindered my progress for a long time. I grew nervous when I spotted other bright students with excellent skill sets.  Before getting admission at FIIB, these complexities were integral parts of my life; but as soon as my journey at FIIB led me ahead, they fell apart. The FIIB environment practically helped me to grow in both personal as well as professional sectors.

Classes on subjects like Marketing, International Business, and Finance etc. groomed my personality and sharpened my skills in making me market-ready. During these 2 years, I learnt a lot and developed too in terms of public speaking and other leadership attributes; all thanks to assorted personal development activities such as Toastmaster International Public Speaking Course, important Seminars, Summits and annual fests.

Just before I sat for my interviews, the FIIB Corporate Relations Cell and our Business Communication departments helped me to overcome my weakness and polished my strengths. This was instrumental in getting selected at “Cafe Coffee Day”, one of my dream companies. All these wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our mentors and faculty members who have been relentlessly put forward their best in shaping out my career. I’d like to make special mention of Neha Suri Ma’am, Sadia Ma’am, Sharad sir, Partha Saikia Sir, Jones Mathew and most importantly Rajeev Sir without whom I could have never achieved my goals. My revered mentors have always guided and corrected me whenever required.

“A good beginning is the half the battle won.”

Getting admission into Fortune Institute of International Business is one of the best things to have happened to my academic life. When I stop to look back at myself 10 years before, I see a boy carrying a very casual attitude with no achievements or big goals at all during those college days. I had just one tiny goal of landing any ordinary job with an average salary. Now, when I recollect that attitude of mine, I tend to laugh at myself for taking my career so casually.

This drastic change in attitude has been possible only and only since the FIIB-phase came into my life and the all-round development I have experienced here. From a conventional thinker that I was, the environment at FIIB forced me to broaden my horizons in all possible directions. Now, I am confident-I trust my abilities. I can think out of the box if necessary and decision-making has become a lot easier for me.

It feels really great to be one of the first few from our batch to be placed and that too with an organization like Cafe Coffee Day. I’d always be thankful to FIIB from the deepest core of my and look forward to this bright journey ahead of me!!