“THE SHIFT SERIES” – an inspiring conference for me

Live wire is a private organization.

The main objective of the company is to provide a host of teaching and learning solutions that includes rich media digital learning materials such as video tutorials and assignments to help students comprehend and internalized abstract learning concepts.

Live wire aspires to provide one stop solutions for educational requirements of students, teachers, parents and school alike by disseminating knowledge and learning and quality education through website, conference, workshops and programs through their following programs one of them being the “shift series” an opportunity for INSPIRING change.

It’s all about inspiring people from all walks of life to share their thoughts and experience at “the shift series” conference and talks.

The shift series is a revolutionary new platform for people to share ideas, inventions and their personal journeys.

It host conference across the globe to make a shift in thinking.

Now talking about the speakers that were invited were:-

1)      Sunil Kant Munjal

He is the MD of hero corporate service ltd.

He shared about his childhood memories like at the age of 9 he was exposed to art and he was passionate about it.

He said do business in ethical manner, follow the right order of doing business. Be sustainable and always do sustainable practices.


2)      Ashif Shaikh.

Hi is an Indian social activist. He is known for his role in the campaign for education of the inhuman practice of manual seavenging and empowerment of Dalit.

He want to make a change/shift in India for the people who are treated as untouchables, unequal in the society. He want to change the thinking, attitude of the people towards their toilet cleaners.

According to him caste system has been abolished by government of India but it’s still being practiced in our society.


3)      Alan Harlan

He is the director of innovation and social entrepreneurship, helping people in the way they wanted to be helped. He uses sustainable business practices to help people. He has developed various programs to support students who are learning about social innovation, launching their own ventures and crafting lives and careers.


4)      Druv Visvanath

He is a guitarist, selttaught. He’s been playing for over seven years. And sometimes sing also. He more fells like to tell through his music rather than giving speeches. It was great listening to his music. A passionate person. He is currently doing sustainable project with Microsoft.

And he tells to “maintain life balance”



5)      Malvinder Singh

He is the part owner of Fortis health care and Ranbaxy. He says “don’t compromise the values”


6)      Malika Ishwaran.

She is a senior economist at the cabinet office working on the London summit. She is member of uk government economic service.

She said more into saving environment for future generation. She suggest to “buy goods that are environmentally sustainable”


She says “become a champion for environment”

7)      Chalie Kim

He is the founder and ceo of next jump, started the company in 1994 as college coupon business. He says “change the world by changing the work place”

Ask yourself who you are?

Identify yourself, your capabilities. Balance things in your life like confidence and humility.

One cannot build strength on an unusual foundation.

No change in people = no change in business

Better ME + YOU = US


8)      Kartik sawhney

Kartik, who is completely blind. Had to wage war against many organizations first being the CBSE board for being allowed to study science and scored 95% in his board exams. Second was hi IIT graduation and he failed to convince them to allow him to study at IIT. Although he was a brilliant, hardworking student and smart student.

And then he further went to Stanford university USA.

And today he is working with Microsoft and has invented various software’s for blind people to operate the computers. According to him disabled people can also contribute to the world if given a chance. These people think beyond people thinking.

Nothing is impossible in this world. It’s just lack of opportunity, awareness and attitude of society towards such people.


And my favorite speaker.