The Shift Series – Challenging the Challenges

On May 2, 2015 the Shift Series presented a conference at Teen Murti Bhawan with the concept of challenging the challenges. This helped to make the audience realize that challenges are there in everyone’s life and it’s not right to blame your destiny, rather than dealing with the challenges.
The team of inspiring speakers like Niren Chaudhary, President global operations, KFC; Sarita Devi, World Boxing Champion from India, RJ Naveed, Ameen Haque, Founder, The Storywallahs and others gave an idea that all negativity and challenges of life make you stronger and everyone should turn these challenges into opportunities to grow.
There is an old saying that gold attains purity after it goes through enormous heat; these were merely words for me before I heard the inspiring stories of these distinguished speakers. They made a new perspective about challenges in my mind; a challenge is a defined path to make sure that you are on this earth because of a reason. If you able to deal with the challenging situations, you are ultimately the winner, but if you don’t put any efforts to face them, you become a loser. You can easily live your life in normal circumstances but when life takes a test you must be persistent enough to emerge as a winner. No one in this world can say that they lived life without any challenges, but yes few can say they have these scars of success as they know how to deal with negativity and challenges.
All speakers in the conference were inspiring, but a few touched my heart with their stories like RJ Naveed. He doesn’t belong to a well-to-do family and faced various obstacles during his life in school or career, but now he is among the role models for youngsters. On radio he talks about the bad and ugly facts of life in a funny way; he is someone who came out of the conditions which some people assume to be the fate and accept without doing any efforts. But RJ Naveed took those conditions as a challenge and made a goal to overcome them.
Ms Sarita Devi, world boxing champion from India makes us feel proud when we look at her, but it’s hard to believe that she belongs to a small village in Manipur and today she is the motivation to almost all young girls. I was inspired by the story of Ms. Sarita Devi.
Speakers were telling about their lives and challenges faced by them how they overcame those challenging situations, and we as the audience learned that no challenge can make you a loser, when you have a will to overcome the challenges of life you can face every challenge be it as high as sky or as deep as sea.
To conclude, I want to quote “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” ~ Seth Godi. The speakers who were there in shift series proved the above written line and made us believe that if you believe in yourself, and you have a positive view for every situation, you have the power to face every obstacle, every challenge and you will at the end come out to be a winner.