The Story behind my Recruitment

When I entered FIIB, like many other management students, I had one aim- to complete my MBA education by getting placed in a reputed company in a position of my choice. Despite having a family business to fall back on, I had made a choice- I wanted to work independently and complete my degree with an offer letter in hand.
The year began with some rigorous training at FIIB in personality development, and I still remember the countless hours I spent working on my personal interview and group discussion practices with my mentors. The Corporate Relations Cell (CRC) team at FIIB also assisted in this development as they helped us finalise our CVs. From the many companies that came to our campus, I had decided to target some select companies. Zomato for one, was my aim. Sitting through some rigourous interview rounds, I was quite disheartened that I was not selected after the last round was completed. It was then that the Faculty, my mentors and well wishers at FIIB continued to encourage me to not get disheartened and continue applying in other companies where I had targeted. The decision to apply for the job at 99acres hence came as a blessing & was a combined effort made by the CRC team and me.

Once again the drill began. Sitting with the CRC team to understand more about the various aspects viz a viz analysing the company, understanding the compensation breakup & understanding how to exactly appear for the interviews and what to expect as I move up the selection process. The training that I underwent during my FLP sessions was a cherry on the cake. It is in these moments one realises how the opportunities that were provided at FIIB really help in shaping a personality.

Today, if I were to compare what I was two years ago and what I am today, I see a completely changed person.  I have undertaken a long journey and have learnt a lot not only in improving my intellectual skills but also the way I communicate, behave & present myslef in the corporate world. This has been possible because of the way the courses were designed by our faculty and the mentoring in a pool of soft skills that was given to us to prepare for a job like this!

I have been lucky to be amongst the first few to be placed, and the journey has been insightful and rewarding in ways more than one. I have learnt that one should know what he/she wants to do in their life,  & keeping that clear agenda in life one should focus on the respective jobs available in that field. We should be focused and clear about the kind of jobs we are looking for. The biggest learning has been that as a fresher, we need to keep an open mind and weigh opportunities for learning and development over the pay and location.

This change in attitude has been possible because of FIIB and the vast growth I have experienced here. From the conventional thinker that I was, the environment at FIIB forced me to broaden my horizons and now I trust my abilities. I can think out of the box and feel more confident about my decisions.

I cannot thank my faculty, FLP mentors and Business Communication faculty enough as they backed me so well that I was able to perform.