The Vibe – Meet FIIBs new-age band

Almost every college has a set of students who come early and leave the premise late. They usually have a certain kind of energy that ask them to gaze ahead of academics and buzz the tunes of music. When the lectures come to an end and students pack their bags to leave the college, these particular students dive deep into rhythms and unpacks their bags to have hands-on music instruments. Many people say that balancing between high academic grades and extra-curricular activities is not an easy walk. But, it seems like FIIB students have learnt the technique. Meet FIIBs new-age band who has successfully balanced the two-way ride and created a group that stays with them life-long.

The Vibe, FIIBs official student music band, is a power pack of six students in the lead voices of Arunesh Agashe, Manish Chattani, Khusboo Bara and Rajaganapathy Sethuraman with Ashutosh Swarnkar on strings and with Tanmay Saha on the bass. On asking about their spirit of togetherness, they summarized that “The Vibe Band is not limited to five or six faces. It is a space for all those passionate heads who want to fulfil their musical dreams and explore the world of creativity.” The students also shared their unforgettable moments of TEDxFIIB and showed their sincere thanks to FIIB for the opportunities and honour they received.

The Vibe Band shared their journey; talks about the music that drives them, moving out of their comfort zone and more. Let us see what they answered.

Q: What brought you all together?

The Vibe: Music and passion to create more beats are what brought us all together. Since we met in college, it was initially quite hard to be open and put the thoughts we had in front of each other. But as the interactive sessions are kind of a ritual at FIIB, which helped us a lot to understand each other better. Within the time span of two months at FIIB, four of the band members were rehearsing together. But, while auditioning for the official FIIB music band, Dr. Sangeeta Chopra said that there’s something missing which needs to be connected. That was the time when the fifth member of our band, Tanmay Saha joined.

Q: Where does the idea of the band come from?

The Vibe: There’s one common factor that we all carry with us and that is our immense love for music. During the first few days at FIIB, we participated in orientation, freshers day and other activities to keep in touch with our passion of music. When auditioned for TEDx, we all saw something bigger than us. And, that was the moment we thought we would together make a great combo – a band with unique talents.

Q: What are the challenges you faced while forming the band?

The Vibe: Rigorous schedule is a part of every MBA student’s life. Honestly, finding time from lectures, jamming sessions and other activities were not less than a challenge to us. But, we cannot compromise with our studies and leaving our passion for lack of time is not an excuse that we can afford. So, we decided to stay back in college and rehearse at least for two hours every day. Rajaganapathy, one of the band member, added, there’s no doubt that time is a tricky thing and we cannot fight with it (laughs).

Rehearsing together without spending time on solving a mess is again an unavoidable challenge that we all had to bare with, somehow. We are a team of six and, obviously, all six have their own opinions to share. In the words of The Vibe band, challenges are a core part of our journey but it is our passion towards music that we stand together on a stage to perform despite our rigorous schedule and individual opinions.

Q: What are some of the high points that you experienced in the band?

The Vibe: Performing on the TEDxFIIB stage was one of the most cherishing moments that we all going to remember life-long. It was our first official stage performance and we were excited, nervous, yet so happy that it was happening. Manish Chattani, one of the lead voice of The Vibe said that “we learnt a lot of things during rehearsal time, and we were extra careful to make sure every single detail of our act comes up well on stage. Arunesh Agashe further added that “It was a proud moment for all of us representing FIIB. We’re glad that it went smoothly, and we couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.” The second most exciting and thrilling moment was singing the Racer Anthem song. We enjoyed a lot and experienced what together we can achieve.

Q: What’s the road ahead for you?
The Vibe: We want to continue our passion for music even after the college journey rests. We want people to call us a group that is still buzzing with energy. We want to move forward; from the gigs of college festivals to performing at several venues in the city. We genuinely invite passionate students who find solace in the beats of music to join us. Our till-now journey was super hectic, but the opportunities we had was definitely worth the struggle.