The world is going global, Why aren’t you?

Chinese, Japanese and Indian economies are among the world’s top ten (second, third and sixth, respectively), reflecting the fact that the majority of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is now generated outside of the USA and Europe. This trend is set to continue in the future with Indonesia and Russia expected to join the top ten by 2050. Understanding international business operations is therefore increasingly important for today’s business graduates and that’s where postgraduate courses come in useful.

Economies are now interconnected through the vast multitude of global markets. Corporates are experiencing incredible benefits from hiring individuals with an international business background. In addition to being well rounded and knowledgeable, these employees have a highly prized focus on the global market. Understanding the broader world in which we live is becoming increasingly relevant and one of the most sought-after skills in the job market.

The Global World

Students and professionals who are interested in broadening their horizons by living and working abroad can usually find a niche for themselves, irrespective of their degree or background. However, international business students also understand that they are more attractive candidates for a job if they have a degree with an international focus, along with demonstrated interest in the global economy. Students and professionals could do well to combine travel and work experience with their international business degree.

Once a candidate has completed his/her international business education, there are multiple career options across a variety of fields. Having an international business degree gives professionals a distinct advantage. In addition to being in high demand, these adults have multiple career opportunities from which they can choose. Some may opt to work for a local company that has offices in other countries, while others may choose to live and work abroad.

Global Business Roles

Although sales and marketing careers are in demand when working internationally, there are plenty of other exciting career options that are open to international business majors and minors. Candidates may go on to work as

  • International Trade Logistics Executive
  • Consultant Foreign Exchange Trader
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Trade Specialist
  • Import/Export Coordinator.

These are just a few from a long list of options. In this field, a professional is expected to give advice on export markets, do market research, or complete trade promotions. One may join the diplomatic service and act as a representative of his/her country’s governmental agencies to foreign governments. Others may find work as an international banking officer or a cultural advisor. A bucket list item for a candidate is to learn a foreign language– particularly Spanish, German or French.

Students who wish to increase their understanding of the global markets and various regions of the world should strongly consider international business as the choice of their major. This course has immense scope to provide insights into the global economic and business climates.

Karan Malhotra (Batch of 2017-2019)