There’s Hope, Always FIIB Freshman MBA Students Sharing Their Stories of Personal Growth and Courage amid Covid-19

It’s almost half a year but Covid-19 pandemic seems to be in no hurry to bid goodbye to us. Realising that the start of their MBA journey is not going to be on the expected lines, and despite the disappointments, the freshman batch students at FIIB have buckled up in-time and have adapted well to embrace the NewNormalMBA student life with high spirit and determination. 

Through this blog, we bring to you some such stories of courageous decision making, personal growth, hard-won self-battles and virtual friendships that will surely spike up your spirit during these times of social isolation.

I began my MBA journey with a self-identity of a motivated individual and thought that this would be unmoving. But it’s been around three months now, and I feel a lot of change in myself, a clear sense that what I was then is far from what I am now. In the past, I’ve always seen myself as the ray of sunshine and never imagined that someday I would need some sunshine to brighten up my life. 

Realigning to this change in myself seemed a bit difficult at first, but it started reflecting as a beautiful process when I started seeing it as an opportunity to build my life around the new situation instead of looking at only the inconvenient parts of it. After participating in counselling sessions with Prof. Shuchi Dixit at the institute, I’ve literally been able to revive my passion to help other people better their mental health and luckily in that process have also filled my life with lots of new tricks that are allowing me to better accept myself too. 

Enrolling into a blended MBA program, I knew there would be lots of struggles and unexplored opportunities coming up my way. But as our foundation classes started, the pressure of studies, assignments and projects hit me with a great pace. That was the time when things really got messy and distracted my concentration for studies also as constantly being glued to a screen gave me frequent headaches. After all, sitting for long-hours for online classes was quite a new experience for me and any new thing requires time for adjustment. 

I reached out to some of my batchmates and asked whether they were also experiencing similar issues, and guess what, every single person I spoke to was also hustling with their time management skills to adapt to the situation. The most courageous thing I did to overcome my situation was to connect with my peers and especially those who I felt had more knowledge than I did. Doing so not only helped a lot of us to manage our time better but also provided us with the much-needed mutual emotional support and a sense of togetherness. 

I am really an extrovert person and starting my college life during social distancing was something that I found hard to accept. But the warmth and love showered by the FIIB community even in the virtual space have really inspired me to get going. I got to know about the opportunities of becoming Student Club Co-heads during our foundation classes, and I was totally taken in by the idea because of my keen interest in organising events and spreading awareness. 

But as the term started, I just got busy with the classes and the assignments and lost interest. I almost thought of dropping the idea of becoming a student club co-head. Luckily for me, by then our mentor-mentee sessions started and my mentor motivated me to go for it as handling challenging situations with limited resources would go a long way in honing my organizational and managerial skills. 

I was very nervous during the time the club co-head interview process was on. In my heart somewhere I was wishing to be the club co-head of FIIB’s Student Club for Finance domain, aka the FSE Club. And lo and behold, I got that very position. I’ve successfully conducted two Finance club activities till now and the experience has been really overwhelming. I can confidently say now that I have much more faith in my capabilities, and in being able to survive no matter how uneven the tides maybe.