Think Again

Technology is said to be helping us to do task with (either or all) ease, in lesser time, with greater efficiency (something like this Aamir khan described in 3 idiots) While I myself believe in using technology to help me in various ways and started reading news items on mobile while traveling to work instead of carrying newspaper physically. . . . smart isn’t ?
But one thing which I have realised over a period of last one year is that – online edition (esp mobile versions) of news items gives you selected and short news. Main page throws news which website company believes important and worth reading (or rather believes that Masala news is what will increase the visitors and hits on the their websites)

Today, I (accidently) picked up a physical newspaper because my tablet was running out of battery and I happened to read this interesting article on creativity and entrepreneurship….Which talks about how big companies have worked around the solution for the problem which existed and not thinking of the solution ahead of the problem? It reinforces the fact that “Necessity is the mother of invention” and how companies like Redbus & Google started.

Reading this article makes me think – how in Today’s fast changing world we miss focussing on basic and simple things. Author of the article said something different – Think Again

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