This Diwali, Let’s Pledge to Brighten The Lives of Others As a Social Responsibility

Diwali is not only a day-long celebration; it is beyond that. This is what our students are proving to the wider community by putting their knowledge and skills to light the lives of less fortunate. Meet some of our Socially-responsible students who are spreading happiness and contributing to hopes of many in the name of Social Internship Program.

Aakash Mathews – Literacy India

Aakash keenly believes that educating the underprivileged women and children is the most powerful way to contribute to India’s socio-economic growth. This is why he instantly grabbed the opportunity of doing his social internship at Literacy India Organisation.

He utilized the marketing lessons taught during lectures to sell handicrafts made by unemployed & underprivileged women artisans. The money he raised through the selling process not only helped their children with education but also fulfilled them with happiness and provided a livelihood. During his time at the NGO, he also organized various fun-learning activities like Quiz, Academic-oriented Games and Talent Showcase Challenge for children. 

Shirly Rex – Akshaya Patra Foundation

Shirly counts the absence of meal as one of the biggest social challenges that India is dealing with right now. While it is the right of every human to have a proper meal at least thrice a day, there are many unfortunate ones who are unable to feed themselves with a one-time nutritional meal. 

During her social internship time at Akshaya Patra Foundation, Shirly actively raised funds for those set of school-age children who are not eating the right meal. By fundraising for the mid-day meal scheme, she engaged herself in the initiative of making people live healthier. According to her, “feeding those children with a decent amount of meal is equivalent to celebrating the festival of lights.” 

Bhavya Kalra – Agewell Foundation

Bhavya sees the welfare and empowerment of older persons as a responsibility of each young citizen. To bring a smile to the faces of this set of people, who think no one has enough time to spend with them, is a victory in itself. 

Apart from spending time with lots of senior citizens of our nation, Bhavya helped her fellow intern-mates in packing the donation boxes according to the need of each old-age member. She also planned a lot of entertaining games and conducted a storytelling session that literally made every old-age home member happy. “Watching older people unboxing the donation boxes is a feel of Diwali that you can celebrate each day,” she says. 

Ayushi Aggarwal – Friends n Smile

When the social internship opportunity came her way, Ayushi not only ignited the lamp of knowledge for many underprivileged children but also passed on the skills she carried to further train the NGO community for a good cause. 

She aimed to create educational and skill development opportunities for underprivileged children. To fulfil her motto, she brought her interpersonal and communication skills into action and raised funds from schools and other potential enterprises. Along with this main activity, she also taught basic English to the kids which will help them lead their lives more confidently.