Top 11 Tools Of Web Analytics

With growing competition in Digital Marketing, Customers have variety when it comes to extracting information. Thus it is critical for Digital companies to hold on to their valued customers. In an era where Traditional marketing is slowly moving towards Digital Marketing it is becoming necessary to study each and every footprint of your customers. In order to study that digital marketing holds in itself the “Power Tracker called WEB ANALYTIC” , Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.

This Magic is created with the help of Web Analytics Tools. And in my Blog I shall Tell you about the Top 10 Web Analytics Tools

The Categories are –

  1. Web Analytics Tools: Clickstream Analysis Tools
  2. Web Analytics Tools:  Competitive Intelligence Tools 
  3. Web Analytics Tools:  Experimentation and Testing Tools
  4. Web Analytics Tools:  Voice of Customer Tools
  5. Web Analytics Tools: Social Analytics


1. Web Analytics Clickstream Analytics Tools-

 A. Google Analytics HYPERLINK “http://google.com/analytics” (google.com/analytics)

It is a free Tool that generates detailed statistics about visitors to anyone’s website.  Google serves this simplest to implement tool. This tool is used by about 50% of the top 10,000 websites in the world.  With the help of this tool you can find out where your visitors are coming from, what they’re doing while on your site and how often they come back, among many other things

B. Yahoo Web Analytics HYPERLINK “http://web.analytics.yahoo.com/” (web.analytics.yahoo.com)

After Google, Yahoo gives you a little more depth  into control options and a simpler approach  to multi-site analytics. “Yahoo Analytics is a bit of a step up from Google in terms of profiling, filtering and customization, so for those looking to dig a little deeper, it’s a great option.”
-Recommended by Whitmore, Bustos, Eisenberg

 C. Crazy Egg HYPERLINK “http://www.crazyegg.com/” (crazyegg.com)

 It charges $9-$99 per month. It mainly tracks which part of your site users like and click on. It can help you to improve your website design and in essence conversion. “Setup is quite simple as well, and their 30-day money back guarantee on all accounts is a nice touch.”
-Recommended by Whitmore and Dershewitz 

 2.Web Analytics Tools:  Competitive Intelligence Tools 

A. Compete HYPERLINK “http://www.compete.com/” (compete.com)

Compete is best competitive tool with creative intelligence on what your competitors are doing or how your users ended up on your website in the first place. “The deeper digital insights you have, the better understanding you have of  your customer,” says Aaron Smolick, senior director of marketing at Compete

3.Web Analytics Tools:  Experimentation and Testing Tools 

 A. Google Website Optimizer HYPERLINK “http://www.google.com/websiteoptimizer” (google.com/ HYPERLINK “http://www.google.com/websiteoptimizer”websiteoptimizer HYPERLINK “http://www.google.com/websiteoptimizer”)

 Website Optimizer by Google is a testing service that allows you to shuffle different segments of information on your website to see which sections convert into the most clicks, and at the end of the day, the most sales. With the help of that you can choose what parts of your page you want to test, from the headline to images to text, and run experiments to see what users respond best to.

B. Optimizely HYPERLINK “http://www.optimizely.com/” (optimizely.com)

 It charges $19-$399 per month. It is a fresh service launched in June 2010 quite similar to Google Website Optimizer but much simpler and with more powerful results.

4.Web Analytics Tools:  Voice of Customer Tools

 A. Kissinsights HYPERLINK “http://www.kissinsights.com/” from Kiss Metrics HYPERLINK “http://www.kissinsights.com/” (kissinsights.com)

 Kissinsights provides businesses with an easily implemented and customized feedback form for website visitors. “The best part of Kissinsights is that your customer feedback comes in via very simplified and short comments.”
-Recommended by Whitmore, Eisenberg, Levy, Steven, Fishkin and Lord

 B. 4Q by  HYPERLINK “http://www.4qsurvey.com/”iPerceptions HYPERLINK “http://www.4qsurvey.com/” (4qsurvey.com)

 This tool allows you to truly understand the “Why question” about your website from the customers.

C. ClickTale HYPERLINK “http://www.clicktale.com/”  HYPERLINK “http://www.clicktale.com/”(clicktale.com)

 Clicktale takes down every action of your website’s visitor from its first click to the last one. It creates visual heat maps and reports on customer behavior, as well as providing conversion analytics.

5. Web Analytics Tools: Social Analytics

 A. Facebook Insights

There  is no doubt about the fact that when it comes to tracking social analytics Facebook insight plays a very crucial role. It provides very detailed information about your follower counts, likes, comments on posts and more. “this is the best and only tool you’ll need if you’re using Facebook content to help engagement with your customers.”
-Recommended by Dershewitz, Peterson and Bustos

 B. Twitalyzer HYPERLINK “http://www.twitalyzer.com/” (twitalyzer.com)

Twitalyzer is a free analytics dashboard provided by Twitter. “Similar to Facebook Insights, Twitalyzer  gives view of your account’s impact on customers, based on followers, retweet level, and more. Simplicity is key here, as you can just look up a Twitter username and get instant information.”
-Recommended by Peterson and Bustos



Tacking customer preferences and connecting with them becomes very interesting and easy with the help of web analytics tools.  Therefore if you are fresh to Web Marketing and you want to analyze your business’s where about. I would suggest you to choose these tools above and excel in your business by tapping on your website strengths and customer preferences. As it is rightly said that customer is the one who runs your business. Its is there way or the highway.

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