Top 3 Reasons Why Women Students Chose FIIB

Top B-Schools in India are still struggling with gender diversity in their batches, and therefore the corporates as they demand a more diverse workforce. However, the scenario has taken an upward turn says a recent article from Economic Times. The article compared the ratios of private B-Schools in India saying that the intake of female students has crossed the threshold of 35% for the 2021 batch. 

Building an inclusive culture for its students and community – FIIB has the highest numbers in terms of gender ratio (41%) compared to other top B-Schools. When we asked our women students, why they chose FIIB for pursuing MBA, three reasons kept popping up in common. 

Safety and Security:

In addition to the program and infrastructure, women students prefer a campus which is safe and in a secure location. FIIB has the advantage of being both. 

“I’ve considered two things when I chose FIIB, the innovative curriculum – as I needed to be ahead of the industry trends, and a safe campus. I’m from Assam and staying away from home, I needed to be assured that I am studying at a safe campus – FIIB has a very secure environment and I can, with no hassles, concentrate on my MBA here.” – Bipanchy Kalita, 1st year student

Connectivity to NCR

Located in Vasant Vihar, FIIB is conveniently connected to all parts of NCR. The prime location connected to 4 major metro lines and DTC bus routes, makes it easy to travel from any part of Delhi. 

“I didn’t want to spend much of my day traveling and reaching my college which is why FIIB is perfect for me. I can spend more time working on my assignments and coursework.” – Vaishnavi Gupta, 2nd year student

Inclusive Culture

FIIB has an inclusive culture, equal importance is given to every student. A progressive environment is needed for everyone to excel and break the shackles of biases which is one of the reasons our gender diversity tilts towards an equal share. 

“Before making the choice of my B-School, I’ve visited the campus and interacted with my seniors, it was very important for me to join a college that has diversity, it has been close to two years that I’ve made my decision, and I love being an FIIBian. There are equal opportunities and encouragement to do great, people treat you here as a person rather than a gender which is very refreshing” – Arushi Rajput, 2nd year student