Top Skills One Must Have To Ace Working Remotely

‘Smart Work’ starting with the alphabet ‘S’ certainly comes much after the alphabet ‘H’ with which we spell ‘Hard Work’. But in the ruthless marketplace, it is ‘Smart Work’ that wins the situation no matter how much of ‘Hard Work’ is put in. It is not a walk through a cake to get work done by working smart. Working smart requires skills and presence of mind to overcome time-draining obstacles. Plus certain skills help us to work from anywhere no matter if there is a curfew, there is a lockdown or be it bad weather conditions.

Let us have a look at all those skills and enable a human to work from anywhere.   


Time and again it has been proved that communication is the key. Especially during the season of uncertainties that have been termed as Lockdown, communication plays the central role in the business landscape. Be it video meetings, online chat,  email,  phone and text messages…prompt replies are a must. Hence developing skills to handle Google+ Hangouts or Skype is the need of the hour. 


This might sound a little new but it is obvious and it is effective. No matter how much we are blessed with good supervisors, good technology or great internet speed…..if one is not motivated enough to express the best ideas in the work front then all goes futile!

So, talking positively to the self and telling oneself that work will never take a backseat and should never take a backseat will actually pump up the work spirit. The effectiveness will reflect on one’s productivity graph in no time. One has to develop the passion to work and once it is done, it will reflect well through the personality. 


With humans, it is crucial to be balanced. Especially while working remotely. This is because every boss appreciates an employee who is balanced and that is physical, mental, professional and emotional. To attain balance one requires to break the barriers of shyness, talk to more people and experiment with new hobbies. This way the mind remains sharp and active.

Tech Know Hows

Being tech-savvy is a blessing in today’s world. It is not necessary for your job to be technical but you must be comfortable at taking care of the close to technical parts as well. Digital skills are a must-have to quickly fix problems in the flash of an eye. Know-hows of online collaborative tools, cloud storage, and communication tools go a long way while you work remotely.

Time Management

The ability to manage time is the god of all skills. Despite having the knowledge of the latest topics and technological aspects, if one is not being able to manage time then s/he is losing out an all. The work front will have meetings, projects and deadlines but if does not have the space for time management in the head then all professional excellence will boil down to nil. Hence, charting down what to do during the working hours and setting a deadline to each will make one a time management pro within a short duration.


Might sound a little out of the box but yes, being independent and self-confident takes one a long way. The current day job seekers look for people with the mentioned skill sets as working from remote areas is the new normal. So coordination naturally becomes a challenge hence the ones who do not whine while taking decisions come a long way. After all the smart decision-makers of today walk up and become the great team players in the future.


When people work from remote areas they have plenty of time but unfortunately, they end up getting wobbled up into plenty of confusion as well (not on a general note). In order to maintain clarity one must float clear and concise messages across the different verticals of the workplace. For example if one is required to share a report or a crucial content then reading, rereading, editing and proofreading it is a must call that one must take. Remote working conditions call in for Web Meetings. There too one requires to be ready with what to communicate rather than adding paragraphs of unwanted information.


Launch of a new product, creating a new campaign or brainstorming on a new idea requires a team. Putting up with a team in the way one chooses to be reflects one’s professionalism. When working remotely this fact comes across even strongly. This is the reason why one requires to be on good terms with the work buddies in order to maintain the culture of the organization as well as self-discipline.

In the season of skull-crushing, mind-numbing balancing of chores and work, one should pull out some time to be a better version of the self. With plenty of time in hand, one can even enrol into online classes to develop a new skill. After all, this is the 21st century and it requires employees who are equally productive inside as well as outside the organization.

It is always a great feeling to see oneself under a new positive light so one must make hay while there is sunshine. This lockdown is an opportunity for working people to upskill themselves in so many different ways. So why to wait for any new year to make a resolution for a new you? Anytime seems perfect as long as one is putting one’s heart and soul into it.