Traffic Congestion caused by Indian Roads

It was Monday morning as soon as I stepped out of the bus I started running. As I entered the campus i rushed towards my classroom. I opened the door and gave a puppy like look to the faculty, he gave a look to his watch and there was a smile on his face that said it all i.e. son “Please lock the door as you go”! Like every other brilliant students who was thrown out of the class I was also left with two options either to canteen and spend my valuable time eating breadpakoda or the library were I would be wasting my time reading some boring books . Out of the two options I preferred to choose library, one may think It’s because I am studious, Naah! My empty wallet didn’t allow me to choose the other one i.e. the canteen.
As I was sitting in the library I was wondering, Coming late to college became regular for me from last two three months. Was it my irresponsibleness or my Negligence? Well the answer is no. As I thought deeper and deeper I got the answers. Well you people want to know why it is so. Thanks to the Indian roads, the route through which I travel are poorly maintained, there are so many pit holes which creates a huge traffic during peak hours. I started indulging myself into this matter more and more, I wondered how many roads are poorly maintained in a country like India, if a student like me is facing such an issue what would it be for other people.
It is been said
‘Discipline on Roads & Manners in Travel Indicate
Good Government, Effective
Administration and Sensible Citizens’
The condition of Roads and the way how users use them is a critical indicator of a Nation’s Ruling/ Administrative system and working/ nature of its inhabitants. Healthy and strengthen road network is essential for socioeconomic development of a country. There must be matching growth between roads, traffic, vehicle population and population. Overcrowded, overloaded, poorly funded, poorly constructed, poorly maintained roads cannot be of much use for the development of a country and will create indiscipline and other problems. In India most of the Highways/ Roads need proper planning and adequate maintenance. In terms of capacity to sustain present traffic volume and load they are of inadequate structural specifications. They are being misused by users and inhabitants. Effective traffic rules and public awareness is not there. There are two reasons for this, one is insufficient funding for roads and the second is non-availability of effective ‘Roads and Road Users Act’ and its enforcement.
According to a Road user cost study carried out in India, has brought out some eye- opening conclusions about the economic losses on account of the poor condition of roads. For example, the fuel consumption for a truck will increase by 26 per cent when roughness of the road surface increase from 3000 (asphalted surface) to 15000 (gravel surface) mm per km. The fuel consumption can increase as high as 56 per cent if speed of a truck fall from about 45 kph to 20 kph. It is concluded that road improvement, will save 1/5 of fuel bill of the country, apart from substantial saving of accidents etc. and total economic return on cost of road improvement would be as high as 50 – 60 per cent in one year alone.
In, India category wise road shares are Primary Roads i.e. National Highways-1.58%; Secondary Roads i.e. State Highways and Major District Roads-13.12% and Village & Other Category Roads-85.30% of total length. While the traffic share of Primary and Secondary Roads is about 90% of the total road traffic. . Despite this impressive growth in road traffic and vehicles population there has not been a matching growth of the highways network, both interims of the length and breadth as well as their quality.

Encroachment on the road land and ribbon development along road side creates a number of problems as well. It increases number of accesses and crossing across the road making it unsafe for travel. These affect the drainage which may lead to failure of pavement, attract other incidental activities; hutment dwellers even wash their clothes on black topped road surface. For urban areas, the additional problem is of various surface utility services like Water Supply, Electric Cables, Sewer Pipes, Telephones Cables etc. which necessitate frequent digging thereby disturbing homogeneity of pavement and its efficient drainage. .
Road maintenance is one of the most important components of the entire road system and should not be neglected, particularly in developing countries like India. Under such circumstances the question arises is what is the government doing towards managing the entire road system? Is there any solution to this? Will my dream to reach early become true?


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