True professionalism – Continuous learning, embracing challenges and growing from them.

Talent can sometimes go unnoticed, it can temporarily be affected by downturns, and sometimes just things may not work out, but if you have a #NeverStopLearning attitude, nothing can stop you. With Siba Prasad’s journey, let’s discover how this came true. 

On His Journey With FIIB

“Back in those days when I was shortlisting the colleges, I was looking for the one that provided a specialization in International Business or International Marketing. FIIB was the only one that had the qualities I was looking for. It was one of the very few B-Schools which had  International Business as a specialization. So, without a minute’s delay I took admission there. Moreover, it was 2007 and international markets along with their activities were at the peak. It was the key time which had the power to change business scenarios in the coming future. I was very curious about how things would evolve and my curiosity drove me to take up an MBA. I also had interest in Finance and on the other hand I wanted to explore businesses of all types.

Eventually I wanted to see myself in Business Finance. Those 2 years were a good time. A lot of things were favorable and I connected with a lot of new people. I learnt a lot about different thought processes and eventually when I graduated from the college I was a much better version of myself compared to what I was before.”   

About His Career Journey:

If we look around it takes a lot of time for people to reach a prestigious position in their career. This primarily happens because everyone wants to see themselves working in an MNC since the beginning of their corporate journey. But, an MNC is not everything. Sometimes not getting into an MNC and sticking with the brand that is still growing, provides one a lot more responsibilities, knowledge and exposure compared to the multinationals.  

“In the initial days of my career, I had joined a startup Shriram Finance which is part of a renowned group. In fact, it was a big Indian entity. Just like any other start-up, it too was working from the scratch to set a strong foot in the market with the intention to lead it someday. So, the strategies that were charted out to achieve the business goals required a lot of analysis, brainstorming sessions and focused hard work. All this provided me with meaningful insights during my job duration there and conditioned me well for the coming years of my career. As it was a Finance firm I could figure out all the dots which were bound to join each other in the future. 

Next, I was at Satyam Computers which was acquired by Tech Mahindra at that time. I was a part of the transition, which was quite deep-rooted, and it was wonderful to witness the organization making and rebuilding strategies to resolve the issues. I used the opportunity wisely and shadowed my higher authorities continuously, and again I was able to gain a lot of knowledge and insights. Clubbing these with my existing skills, experiences and insights that I had collected from my previous job helped me to perform noticeably well as the Business Management Analyst for the Vice President of Tech Mahindra. 

After about one year my next level of integration took place. A new manager, who was from Tech Mahindra, came into the picture to make better decisions for the hierarchy. Despite him being really good professionally, he lost a lot of his image in my eyes due to the web of politics that he had spun around. Things did not go as per the benchmark that I deserved, so clearly due to the office politics, I eventually decided to leave the organization. I would have insulted myself and my integrity if I had stayed there. So, moving on towards a more upright work environment was what I voted for. 

With my experience and skill set, I cleared my interview with the big 4 firm Accenture, though it turned out to be a series of 7 to 8 gruelling rounds of interviews before I was selected. I gained more insight into business and finance here as Client Finance Management. With the flow of time, I was hungry for more growth. Coincidentally, at that time HP was setting up a business team in Bangalore and were looking for someone with excellent business acumen who could juxtapose things in ways that would deliver higher profits. The job description reflected all the required skills and experience that I had gained over the years, and the rest is history.”

Future of Finance:

“Digital Finance is the talk of the hour. So aspiring students and professionals are required to learn about the ways in which various services of Finance could be translated digitally. Learning Excel, R, MS Access and other tech tools will help individuals a lot in staying a step ahead and moving to the next level. The future of finance is digital, just like any other domain for the matter. Add to this a sound knowledge of business management and one can really go places. Basically, what is required is the passion to feed your mind with the latest updates coming from the areas of your interest. This way, one’s respect for the self will increase and the avenues for better job opportunities will also widen.”

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