Two And a Half Decades Of Togetherness – 25 Reasons People Love FIIB

It’s not an easy path to 25 years of training young managers that impact the world, but the tremendous support of our students, our employees, and our wellwishers – the people who make FIIB what it is, are one of the reasons we are dashing to being one of the preferred B-Schools in India. During these two and a half decades, we have some great accomplishments to our name, and we are working on some more. All the while what remained constant was the love we got from our people. 

During the many, many conversations with us on a regular basis, our people listed 25 reasons repeatedly why they love us. This is for the people who believed in us and let us in turn prove them right. Take a look.

  • Freedom of Pursuing What Interests You The Most

Studying at FIIB seems more like unlocking a treasure of opportunities, coming in the form of a breadth of academic and extracurricular activities that allow students to choose and pursue whatever interests them the most. Be it choosing a concentration, or uplifting yourself with extracurriculars – FIIB always welcomes student’s new ideas and weave the right pathways to make it happen for students. 

  • Friendly And Supportive Mentors

Entering a new college and spending time with unknown faces could be a horrible experience for any student if not mentored properly. But this is not a scenario when you come at FIIB to pursue masters. Whether you are in need of guidance on your first day or, just looking for a friendly gesture to feel motivated, FIIB community is filled with people who find joy in stopping by a doubtful face just to make sure they’re not feeling lost. 

  • Industry-Focused Curriculum

Being a provider of quality business education, FIIB always leaps the ordinary tag and rest with the options that are truly effective as well as empowering for RACERS aka students. The intensive MBA core curriculum is one such example to consider which has also bagged FIIB 26th position by Business World. Getting timely updated with the latest requirements of corporate-world, FIIB Curriculum is a perfect blend of proven leadership potential and academic learnings that gives the extra edge needed to transform students into success-ready managers. 

  • Kickstarting MBA With A Month-Long Foundation Course

Coming from different educational backgrounds and sitting together in a classroom to start with MBA course can possibly deviate students from their main goal. That’s where the utmost need of starting with a set tone and proper manner comes in. FIIBs a month-long foundation course is an initiative to make students MBA ready and indulge the extra requirements that go along with a rigorous graduate program into them. While students find it hard to settle down in a class that speaks different knowledge set and cultural values, this program has all the needed lessons to start their MBA journey uniformly. 

  • Promoting Healthy Competition With B-Involved Program

FIIB strongly believes that having a competitive mindset is a way to think beyond your limits and unleash what’s impossible in your mind. With the help of beloved B-Involved program, students are trained to hone the difference between healthy competition and unhealthy competition. Thankfully, this program helps students to participate more in academics as well as extracurricular activities and prepare them well for the competitive corporate world. 

  • The 360° Employability Enhancement 

Indulging employability skills and preparing students for the corporate world is a motto that FIIB dedicatedly works on right from the first day. Through various employability and skill development programs, FIIB is making the “Campus to Corporate” paradigm shift less challenging for students. In particular, SANKALP is a four-stage training program that enhances students soft skills and turns them into required employability skills.

  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities For Go-Getters

FIIB has a dedicated Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to support entrepreneurs of today who are solving business problems with their ventures. Meraki, FIIB’s annual B-Plan competition offers a platform to studentpreneurs all over India and Asia to pitch their ideas in front of Venture Capitalists. Encouraging entrepreneurial culture even in the operations of its student clubs, FIIB paves way to curious minds and daring souls to take the path they’ve dreamed.

  • An Array Of Networking Opportunities

Networking itself a skill that every MBA student who desires of reaping out the unbeatable success from his career must master in. And, being a provider of quality business education, FIIB understands what it takes to build right networks that fill up your career voids at every stage of life. With an array of various seminars, conclaves, and cultural events, FIIB provides students with enthralling opportunities to express their talents in front of real-world professionals and directly become the star candidate of the moment in the sight of those who are seeking for the right match for their organization. 

  • Bridging Business and Social Awareness For A Sustainable Future

FIIB is always one-step advance when it comes to picking courses that help students solve contemporary and emergent business problems. Similarly, FIIB is always one-step greener when it comes to choosing the ways that can make the world a better place to live. To indulge sustainable practices into future leader-managers, FIIB conducts Social Internship Program where students are sent to different NGOs and learn about social consciousness. 

  • Exciting Experiential Learning Opportunities

FIIB well understands the fact that theoretical knowledge is not enough to shape a manager holistically which is why there are a multitude of experiential learning opportunities in the form of live projects, industry visits, simulation courses, gamified learning through club activities under the umbrella of B-Involved etc. These opportunities are not just fun but also add immensely to the resume of students.

  • Refreshing Global Immersion Program For Cross-Cultural Understanding

Visiting a country and learning by experience is gifting yourself an unmatched experience that will redefine you in countless ways. Global Immersion Program gives the students a chance to understand the dynamics of global trade and culture of the country with their own eyes. 

  • TEDxFIIB – A Magnificent Platform For All

The first edition of TEDxFIIB happened in August 2018. Bringing a TED event to campus speaks about the commitment of FIIB to broaden the opportunities of learning for its community. While other conferences at FIIB speak about career, attitude, and academic, TEDxFIIB complements them by offering insight to the ‘human’ part of life. Apart from being absolutely intriguing TEDxFIIB is a high level networking event.

  • A Library That You Call Your Own

Who doesn’t love a good library that quenches the curiosity of students with its vast resources and e-library access? FIIB library is home to some of the most useful books for a management student. Apart from textbooks, references, and journals one can read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. Students also have access to many e-resources which help them to build the habit of reading.

  • The New Age Management Journal FBR

FIIB Business Review (FBR) has evolved as one of the preferred journals of management. Initially published in-house, FBR is now published with SAGE publications. With an interdisciplinary approach to management, authors from all around the world from various disciplines have published their articles in the journal.

  • A Corporate Internship That’s Only Unique To FIIB

Corporate Internships at FIIB are long enough to give a real peek of the corporate. The whole mentoring aspect added to the internship through faculty and corporate mentors gives the students a double edge of exploring their skills and finding their fit for the corporate roles they want to join. 

  • Celebrating Achievements Big and Small At Gong Ceremony

Named among one of the favorite traditions at FIIB, Gong Ceremony is when people gather on the last Wednesday of every month to celebrate each other’s achievements – a new research paper, a presentation in a conference, a new academic or extracurricular achievement, B-Involved level ups etc. are all recognised by the ringing of the Gong and their fellow people cheering on them

  • Enviable Alumni Connect

FIIB’s alumni is a close-knit community of people who participate with vigour in the institute’s activities. They visit FIIB for guest lectures, seminars, live projects, and even student placements. Such a well-connected network is a ready-made platform for the students to find their way into the world of work.

  • Racers Anthem That Awakens Spirit

In 2019, when FIIB launched the Racers Anthem, it united all FIIB Racers in the spirit of passion and togetherness. Lyrics that awaken fire, Racers Anthem is truly an exhilarating piece of music. 

  • Balance as a lifestyle – fun and learning

The best part about being at FIIB – whether you’re a student or an employee is that you’ll practice balance as a lifestyle. For students there are club activities, sports, and cultural events that complement the study time while employees relax with Yoga, Mindfulness, and other stress busting activities. People are encouraged to be human, take small breaks, and come back stronger.

  • Student Exchange Programs That Enrich Learning

Student exchange programs are a wonderful way to let management students explore the world and learn some real life skills. FIIB partnering with various International B-Schools offer multiple student exchange programs for curious students who are willing to broaden their horizons. 

  • Counseling Sessions To Accomplish Mental Wellbeing

FIIB understands the importance of a good counseling session, amidst myriad activities, assignments, and fast-paced life, life can become a little overwhelming. Anyone who is feeling dragged down can book up an appointment for an uplifting session.

  • Prime Location That Opens Doors

FIIB is located in prime Delhi, well connected to all the places in Delhi. Studying at such a place opens doors to various networks to the students also making it easy to commute daily.

  • A Friendly and Happy Work Culture

This comes from our employees who spoke about how FIIB is an inclusive employer and provides opportunities to grow and excel, where feedback matters. In our previous editions of the monthly newsletter, we spoke about how FIIB makes it a happy workplace for all – and this is without a surprise one of the biggest reasons employees are motivated and spirited.

  • Determined Students Who Drive Change

Another popular reason this time from our recruiters who have been coming back to us for various partnerships. FIIB Racers who are known for their knack in management as much as for their dynamic attitude are why our recruiters show us constant love

  • Top Management That Is Open-Minded

At FIIB people are open, and it starts right from the top. To run a management institute that rides the waves of change is a difficult task had the senior management been reserved in taking risks. At FIIB, everyone gets a say to improve any process that will benefit a students career. Many organizations struggle to find this balance, while for FIIB it seems to come naturally.