The Joy of attending Workshops and Pre Term Sessions at FIIB

Each and every individual aspires to do wonders in his or her life but sometimes, one tends to forget that nothing is for free in today’s competitive world. After completing my B.Tech, I had aspired to do my masters from one of the IIMs but couldn’t make it probably because I didn’t give my best shot for it. But now, I really feel blessed to have gotten into one of the elite B-Schools of our country.

It was selected for admission into FIIB in the month of January; but the session was to start from the month of June. Once I was done with my admission stuff in the month of January,I came to know that our session is going to start from the month of June and it really killed me from within as I kept on wondering on what to do that would keep me engaged till the classes began. But one fine morning in the month of March, I received an e-mail from Prof Vineeta stating that our college is planning to organize a number of workshops for us. I really got excited as it gave me an opportunity to know my batch-mates along with our College Faculty members better.
I guess one concrete foundation was laid from the very first day of our workshop. The inspirational speeches along with various extra-curricular activities really helped us in gearing ourselves in the right direction. By the time our actual session started, a few of us got well acquainted with each other and it really helped us a lot.

FIIB had a few more different plans in stock for us. I seriously believe that the memories that I shared with my classmates in these past two weeks or Pre Term, will definitely remain with me throughout my life. The Ice-breaking session, the Theater session, the Impromptu session, the sessions on Case Studies, the Masterchef, the Industrial Interaction opportunities along with many other interesting sessions really helped us in breaking the shackles and also helped us in getting the industrial exposure to a great extent. It also assisted us in understanding our program well and allowed us to groom ourselves in the right direction.

In today’s world, professionalism is there in each and everybody’s blood and one would rarely find any B-School putting in so much effort in conducting orientation classes for their students just to increase their comfort level. I take this opportunity to thank FIIB these wonderful workshops, sessions to put us in the right track before our actual classes start. At the end of the day, it really makes me feel privileged to be a part of FIIB and I hope to come up with flying colors by the end of my programme.