Two years of FIIB journey! Let’s explore!

Sitting back and recalling my two years of journey at FIIB, I am both- sad and happy at the same time. You must be wondering why am I sad; well parting from your college and friends will make anyone sad. I am happy because being in FIIB has given me fond memories which I can cherish throughout my life. Life at FIIB has been a roller coaster, started way back in June 2012 when we were all bombarded with assignments and presentations in the very first week, giving us a taste of what MBA is all about.

FIIB has given me a platform to showcase my talent and improvise it, every day presentations and assignments enhanced my skills and made me a confident speaker. I remember my first speech at the public speaking sessions and how it got improved with the passage of time, leaving me a very confident person. It not only enhanced my communication skills but also developed my overall personality.

Being associated with Cynergy Club (HR Student Club) gave me an opportunity to interact with various professionals of HR field, and also a taste of how difficult it is to manage an event .Our esteemed faculty helped me in every way to move up the ladder and overcome all the obstacles in life. First year came to an end before I realised! 2nd year started with a bang, where I was chosen as a part of FIIB Leadership Programme (FLP) after rigorous round of grilling interviews. This programme helped me on various soft skills I needed to crack an interview and general debates to enhance our outlook towards life.

Soon our happy smiles were gone as we entered into placement season of FIIB.With fear in mind about what companies to target and how to prepare for interviews we moved ahead and that’s when I applied for Strategic Resources and luckily I got through on my first very attempt. I had two thoughts running in my mind, very happy at the same time and early joining date was giving me goose bumps and this is where my faculty helped me in all my apprehensions and guided me all the way.

FIIB has given me immense knowledge and memories which I can take back and cherish throughout my life, I would like to thank my faculty, Corporate Relations Cell (CRC) and fellow colleagues for contributing to my success and I wish everyone who is placed and still in that process all the very best for their future.