Unleashing The Tactics of Community Engagement Through My Corporate Internship

Kamakshi Srivastava, 2020 student of MBA-OB & HR, FIIB

“Kamakshi has been very dedicated and inquisitive. She never backed down from challenges even being a fresher/intern which I believe will help her reach the epitome of success. I really appreciate FIIB management for inducing such instincts in the students.

Ms. Manpreet Jangra, HR Lead (Talent Acquisition and Celebrity Brand Management), BFG’s Digitally Next, New Delh

Certified in Employee Engagement by LinkedIn Learning, Kamakshi Srivastava, 2020 student of MBA-HR, always finds herself fascinated towards the role of people management in organizations; how inclusive culture sustains a diverse and engaged workforce to drive maximum growth. In her quest to manage a community to fulfil similar fascination of hers one day, she decided to “continue her studies” and took admission at FIIB. 

Home to desires

Kamakshi shares a deep bond with people around her and always stays keen to learn the kind of activities going on around her. Recalling her decision to enrol at FIIB, she says, “At the start, I wasn’t pretty much convinced with the decision I took but the pool of volunteering opportunities I got here proved to be the real game-changer.” According to her, the type of guidance she received from her faculty mentors were worth the desires she carried. Step-by-step in the volunteering actions, “I got a new identity that perfectly complemented the kind of attitude an HR intern should take with herself into a corporate internship.”

The Internship Search

Unlike other students of my batch, “I never thought about some dream organization for my corporate internship, instead I did think about lots of learnings that my internship must fulfil.” It was a time when half of my batchmates were already talking about the organization they’ve got selected in. And, “I was just thinking whether the organization offering me corporate internship will fulfil my long-list of learning or not.” Fortunately, a notification hit my inbox declaring “I got selected in BFG’s Digitally Next where I will be strategizing mostly on accelerating the pace of better and smooth functioning of the organization.

The Real Management Juggle

On the very first day, Kamakshi’s corporate mentor briefed her about the company’s background and operations and instantly asked her to join all the groups (related to job postings) on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Following the responsibilities she was assigned to, “I was asked to prepare the job postings for certain job positions on the consecutive days.” Right from doing quick research on the evolution of social media campaigns to developing content for their social media campaigns – “I helped the organization to discover the perspective of a third person and undertook all the HR related activities to bring in a fresh pool of ideas.

Research and curation were not only the two big tasks “I’ve done during my internship time,” she says. “The start of the second internship month brought in even more surprising learnings for me as “I was assigned with a professional email Id to undertake all the office-level communications.” According to her corporate mentor, she was working on three very important HR areas and thus, “I was responsible for developing an entire recruitment plan for the organization.

The Internship Takeaways
The road to learning has never been as easy for anyone as it was for Kamakshi. “I would’ve not been able to extend my list of learning if it was not about the trust and responsibilities I was accorded in the first place.” She takes pride in saying that her mentor assigned her with the important marketing-oriented work of maintaining and updating the online reputation management of two of their clients. Other than this, “I was made the admin of all the official Facebook groups and pages run by the organisation,” which shows in itself the kind of asset she had become for the organization during her internship.