Unlock the Power of Internship

Before anything else, here’s a scenario:

Google HR exec – Sanjeev and Rajeev, you both have been shortlisted. Tell me why should I hire you?

Sanjeev – I have excellent grades, 2 presentations, 1 department project, excellent co-curricular experience and a recommendation letter.

Rajeev – I have all that, plus I did a summer internship at Microsoft.

Google HR exec to Rajeev – You’re hired!

This short but highly probable conversation underlines one very important fact: Howw crucial an internship is in one’s career.

The internship at FIIB

What is it?

An internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to fresh graduates to work at a firm for a limited period of time. It’s a job before the actual job; a peek into your career before it actually starts. You will go to the office, have real responsibilities, learn new skills while utilize your existing ones and get paid.

Why should you?

  1. Work ex – matters – According to a survey, 44 out of 100 employers value relevant work experience more than any other qualifications while recruiting.
  1. Apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations – Internships give a way to utilize your knowledge base and expand it by applying it in situations where the outcome is not the number of marks you score in an exam but something that could affect a whole company.
  1. Discover interest and passion – Internships can be used as tool to identify and discover what you would be good at. Say, you are hired as a marketing intern at a company that exposed you to content development. Now, if you like writing, but never gave it a serious thought as a career catalyst, this internship can help you develop the necessary skillset required to become a content developer.
  1. Opens many doors – When you go out looking for your first full-time job, make no mistake, an internship can and does open many doors for you. Your internship experience could be that differentiating factor to get you hired. (as is apparent from the scenario cited above). Pro Tip: make sure to get a recommendation letter from your internship mentor. That will do wonder for you!
  1. Earn college credit and even money – It’s a win-win situation any way you look at it. You not only get extra credit points at the college for your internship but also get to earn your pocket money. I can’t think of a better deal than this, can you?

When should you?

 Companies hire interns round the year, so ideally you can apply aanytime However, it is best to contact your college’s career cell that manages and oversees the internship cycle to initiate the process. For better flexibility, you can also opt for work-from-home internships, but know that if these are not part of your college scope, you won’t receive any credits or time leniency. Money and work ex, though, you will surely get.

How should you? 

  1. You could talk to the career cell of your college. They are in constant touch with employers and a word of recommendation from your professor will act as a catalyst.
  2. Use the internet and search for internship openings on sites like internshala.com, letsintern.com and many more. Many company websites also post internship requirements and ask you to mail your resume directly to them.

Things to remember

  1. Think long term, rather than short term.

While many internships offer stipend or monetary compensations, not all do. So, it’s advisable to not keep money as the top priority. The sheer work experience you receive from a non-paying internship can sometimes help you land a big package first job.

  1. Make mistakes but learn from them.

 For an internship is your first foray into the business arena, mistakes are bound to happen. You should just ensure not to get disheartened or demotivated by them. Always remember that your office seniors and mentors (both in college and office) are there to guide you and correct your course. But yes, constantly making the same mistakes over and over again is not appreciated. So, learn from them…and make new ones.

  1. Treat it as a stepping stone and not a summit.

 Of course, if you do rockstar work during your internship, you could get hired by the same employer full time, too. Still, it’s best to remember that an internship is just you dipping your toe in the ocean that the business world is. Your internship mantra should be: to work hard and smart, to discover and develop your skillsets, to broaden your business network, and then once it’s finished, to explore further and further.

In short, an internship can pave your way to that dream job. It can change your life.

So, stand out. Find an internship today.

Student Entry by – Akash Patra

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