Vaibhav RIP

Dear Vaibhav, It was an honour being your mentor. You were the life of my FLP student group. You were clearly the most adorable kid I have come across. I have had the privilege of teaching you & scolding you for your mistakes. You would walk into my cabin & crib till I threw you out. You would still crib, yet you would do your job. I became your friend, philosopher & guide. You promised you would do up a wall in my house with your senseless graffiti. You called me any time, without any shame & without even bothering to apologise for your ill-timed calls. You were stressed about life & about how much you wanted to achieve. And you were driven. I was so sure you would get there really soon. And I wanted to be there when you got it all, and cry for your happiness. I never understood your music, you tattoo, your punkish hairstyle, your super cars, yet you have touched my life like no other kid. Teaching will never be same for me ever. I didn’t realize till today, how much you had started to mean to me & to all whom you befriended. I wish I could wake you & tell you, they were all there for you. They were all praying for you, crying for you. Vaibhav wherever you are May you Rest in Peace! May God give strength to your near & dear ones so they can go on without you. Without you to bother them. Without you to laugh with them. Dear Vaibhav, see you in another life.

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