Volunteering As A Path to Employment: My Involvement in MBA Conclaves

Apart from your regular lectures, getting involved in campus life will add greatly to your MBA experience. I entered into FIIB for completing my Masters with this mindset and since then there was no looking back. All the time I’ve spent here mostly boils down to one thing: turning every single volunteering experience into a learning opportunity, and utilize that knowledge bank for career success when the right time comes.”

While planning to take admission in FIIB, I heard that this place is a pool of opportunities for those who desire long-term career success. And, the only two things as a student I needed to bring with me: my determination and zeal to learn. Today, when my two-years of living the MBA dream are about to complete – I must say whatever I heard, in the beginning, wasn’t just a marketing pitch, but a truth that I experienced every day spent here.  

From attending ITC Youngistan’s training session to working on a Literature Case review closely with Prof. Arpan Anand for International Management Conference (IMC) to interning at Hitachi for CIP, I have filled my experience bag with so many worthy opportunities. But, the major opportunity came to me when the whole class was asked to create a page on any social media platform as our Digital Marketing class assignment. To complete this assignment, I’ve created ‘Travel_Wander_Repeat’ page on Instagram and started posting pictures of my travel experiences. 

It was my third semester at FIIB and also the time when I met with my passion for blogging for the first time. I still can’t reconnect the dots and answer myself when an assignment from Digital Marketing class had become a passion for life. After this realization, the chain of opportunity has increased exponentially for me. I volunteered for blogging very first time during the Sustainability Summit happened to be in the year 2019 and after that, I started volunteering in almost every conclave and events held at FIIB.  

Now, I call myself a passionate blogger who has the ability to curate nice words and weave stories around a brand/product. And, undoubtedly, this ability of mine that I’ve unleashed here at this place is enhancing my chances to land a good job every day. As an MBA student I acknowledge my institute as this place has truly challenged me to achieve my potential and offered life-changing professional experiences to me. 


In her words, she had no idea how important this assignment activity would prove to be to her career in Marketing. Anivesha’s page now has a total of 1300+ likes for which she thanked her Faculty and FIIB every day.