Volunteering For Meraki- My experience

Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them. At Meraki – a platform for all the budding business minds boggling with novice ideas is an opportunity for all the aspiring entrepreneurs to step out and perform. To make it a great success, as FIIBians we all have planned and worked a great deal. The beginning had been with the calling to all the different business schools at Pan Asia level. As a step forward, we personally visited different colleges in Delhi NCR and other regions to motivate students to participate and compete. There have been rigorous efforts from all the team members, faculty members and students. We worked hard to pitch with good sponsors such as eBay, Line etc. To get the best participants was not an easy task. We had sent out lot of mails and did a lot of follow up calls to all the colleges. We prepared posters, Facebook cover pictures etc. for Meraki. Moreover, we wrote articles and blogs in order to create buzz within and out of the campus. Later there was video preparation and interviews of the Co-heads, Dean and Director.  In a nutshell, I would say that it had been a wonderful experience volunteering for Meraki