Well-rounded Graduate Secures Career Of Long-term Success

Shekhar Joshi’23 (Nainital), who came to FIIB with a passion for marketing in B2B sales, will join the Marketing wing of Kent RO as a Management Trainee, which he believes will help him secure his career for long-term. 

Shekhar always strived to make the most of his collegiate career and he capped off his time in Delhi by earning B-Involved’s Gold Achiever Badge and Badminton Championship Award for his excellent performance at FIIB’s Annual Sports Fest—Ranbhoomi 2018. He is particularly proud of some of the roles he took up en route to his MBA journey—Co-head of Spirit Committee, Member of Alumni Club, and Class Representative. These helped him enhance his teamwork, collaborative, and leadership skills, and imbibe the principles of accountability in his character. “I always preferred indulging in various activities in FIIB and not just limiting myself to the classroom,” said Shekhar.   

I do believe that my time at FIIB has prepared me well for the corporate world,” he said. “An array of guest lectures taken by real-world professionals, ten technical conclaves addressed by the renowned faces of the industry, and many other club activities as well as cultural events altogether armed me with the right tools, expertise, and knowledge bank that will enrich my employability effectively.” 

“I do believe that my time at FIIB has prepared me well for the corporate world. Balancing the semesters and all its accompanying components with my social life taught me how to manage my time efficiently,” says Shekhar Joshi, Second-year student at FIIB

A well-rounded student who opted for Marketing and International Business as his major and minor specializations respectively, Shekhar has also been a member of the Youngistan Live Project team backed by ITC. He completed his corporate internship at Pladis Global (Dehradun), and traveled to Dubai under FIIB’s Global Immersion Program. He still recalls the latter two endeavours very fondly calling them his most memorable opportunities at FIIB. 

Shekhar also gives credit to the FIIB’s mentoring program that motivates students to showcase their potential and inspires them to achieve their goals. “I really want to thank Prof. Arpan Anand who always motivated me to cultivate my own ideas and asked me to choose the path that seems a bit challenging to my capabilities. His straightforward nature is the real force that made the whole ‘believe in yourself’ process much easier for me. He was always there to provide guidance when I requested.

While Shekhar is quite excited about the much-awaited professional phase of his life, he accepts that bidding farewell to the FIIB will be bittersweet. “Leaving behind a tight-knit community which always stays ready to extend a hand, empower us to be the best version of ourselves, and makes us feel belonged, is both hard and painful.”