What Christmas Plans are Dishing in FIIB Racers Mind?

Now is the time of the year where FIIB students are about to bid farewell to heavy semester books and navigate themselves towards the execution of much-awaited Christmas break plans. After all, it’s a time of choosing favourite cakes, the hanging of advent wreaths, and sharing the messages of love & brotherhood with the beloved ones.

We asked FIIB Racers their Christmas plans whether they’re – heading to home or planning to call it Campus-stay; looking forward to cherishing longstanding family traditions or thinking of starting new ones; going to fulfil their cravings with classic foods or gift themselves some self-made recipes. Let’s have a look at all the happy-Christmas-plans we were able to collect. And, we literally don’t mind in case you steal one or two from the list. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Bhavya Kalra

Christmas is an occasion which surfaces feelings of positivity and happiness in and around us! That’s why Bhavya’s Christmas plan revolves around doing things which would bring joy. “I plan to do some activities full of fun and frolic- starting with visiting a Christmas themed decorated eating place to dancing to the beats of jingle bells,” Bhavya said.

Aakash Mathews

Christmas is more like sharing happiness, cherishing family traditions, and enjoying lots of tasty food with beloved ones. Every year, on Christmas, Aakash visit the church with his family to attend the early morning worship. Afterwards, there’s a huge family get-together lunch where he gets to meet all my relatives and childhood friends. “Christmas evenings are usually for my friends that we spend by sharing some laughs and pies,” he said.  

Amit Ghadai

For Amit, Christmas is to take some time off from his busy schedule and cook healthy food that fits well with his diet plans (Chuckles). “Yes, that’s true!, I never miss my diet chart even if it’s 25th of December,” Amit said.   

Shreya Rai

Christmas is all about collecting as many gifts and chocolates as I could from my relatives, friends, and family (obviously). We don’t celebrate it in our family but yes, I visit the church with my friends and sing “One Horse Open Sleigh” Christmas song with all. 

Shirley Rex

If you think Christmas lunch tables are not that crowded, ask Shreya about hers. Shreya’s family invites everyone they know for Christmas celebration, and typically that means 50 to 100 people show up. “The best part is that every single person gets to meet with each other and share their joy without getting bored,” Shirley said. What’s better to have on a Christmas than that, huh? 

Pratyusha Prattipati

To me, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. It reminds me to be thankful for what I have and be kind to everyone. I count my blessings on Christmas, spend time visiting my friends and family, gift my loved ones, and end it with retrospection of this year. As it marks the end of the year, I also make new goals – personal and professional for my next year.