What I learnt at FIIB has made me an Easy Rider…

“Nothing comes easy; We have to perform, deliver and deserve before we demand.”
Little did I know about this before joining FIIB. Life was floating in tandem with time and I always thought that life would take care of itself and everything. But after I joined FIIB, I became aware and the belief seeped in into my mind that nothing extraordinary can occur without the right amount of effort and dedication.I must admit that I was an introvert and never thought that  would be able to stand out and speak to an audience with confidence, ever! I was able to discover my true worth only after joining FIIB. The Institute trusted me with several responsibilities which helped me to grow as a professional in the long run. I was selected as the Co-Head of the Cynergy (HR) Club which was a blessing in disguise for me. During the tenure as the Co-head I was not only able to acquire the virtues of leadership, but also understand the true epitome of responsibility at large.

Similar experiences and responsibilities helped me grow as an individual and imbibed in me the readiness that is necessary to hop into a white collar job. In my interview process, every single aspect that was nurtured by my mentors, Faculty and the Training team from the Institute came handy. I strongly believe that to be able to procure a good job, one must be patient, dedicated and be ready to work hard. Besides these, I was fortunate to have been a part of various leadership activities, national level conferences, and other platforms to improve my interpersonal skills.  The practically designed curriculum and the experienced Faculty are not less than Mahabharata’s Dronacharya, with only one aim to see their students become the best amongst the crowd.Even the Corporate Internship with Homestead India was an eye opener as it made me familiar with the A B Cs of Real Estate market and also gave me a first-hand experience of the working environment.To see the hard work yield results is a wonderful experience. It also feels great to be one of the first few who have been recruited from campus.  I look forward to my career that is going to start with ICE and really hope that the lessons that I learnt at FIIB will guide me through the journey.