What is mindfulness, exactly? How can you start practising it right away!

When we were children, we were scared of ghosts and of darkness. Our imaginations and aspirations used to haunt us during the night as we were uncertain of what lied in the hollow darkness ahead of us. Fast forward to the year 2020, we are equally or more scared due to the Corona Virus breakout. We are reeling under so much chaos that we are reading ‘desserts’ backwards when it should be the other way around!

The only medicine that can come handy at this time is not manufactured anywhere else other than inside ourselves. It is ‘Mindfulness’.

But what exactly is mindfulness? Let us explore. 

Being completely aware of what we think and feel is mindfulness. In short, the attention that we pay to our mind, body, soul and surroundings is mindfulness. Our ability to pay 100% attention to what we are doing and remaking engaged in that activity without any distractions is the subject. 

A lot of people simply require to be present in the current moment to fight the gloominess that the lockdown has tagged along with it. Let us see how the act of mindfulness can support us in bashing the stress this season. 

Breathe 3-4-5

It is crucial for us to relax our brain from everyday stress and for that, we require to breathe right. We can inhale for 3 seconds. Hold that breath for 4 seconds and can then exhale for 5 seconds. This helps our brain to focus on the body and the emotions while simply disassociating itself from the gloominess around. One will feel happier and more lively through this practice. 

Commute Meditation 

This style of meditation does not require one to close eyes. One can simply do this while travelling from a place to the other. Or while just sitting amongst the family members during a show.

One is required to pay attention for 20 seconds to the sense of sound around be it loud or low.

Next comes paying 20 seconds of attention to the sense of sight around like the colours, texture, shadow light and etc. 

Up next it is about inhaling the air filled with different aromas for 20 seconds. It could be the fragrance of the perfume, the aroma of room freshener or petrichor. 

Now, one can note the various tastes in his/her mouth like chewing gum, toothpaste, bread or tea for 20 seconds.

Lastly, for the sense of touch, one can feel the texture of clothes on his/her skin, the locks of hair touching the neck or the ear, the touch of one eyelid with the other while blinking. 

This practice is promising and helps one to climb high in the ladder of consciousness. 

Practice STOP to banish anxiety

Keeping calm can get challenging at times and this is the reason why we must ‘STOP’ more often. 

  • S – Stop what you’re doing and embrace stillness
  • T – Take a few deep breaths and observe your breathing
  • O – Observe bodily sensations and your thoughts and emotions.
  • P – Pause frequently and breathe deeply to take up work calmly. 

Get creative

Surf the internet and search for interesting Mandala designs. Pay attention at colouring each and every pattern. This calms down the mind and refreshes it with surety. Also, taking up a diary and writing down thoughts that are crossing your mind can also do great to you. You will have a collection of your hopes, dreams, activities, what-to-achieve list all in one. Painting the most boring parts of your home with vibrant colours will uplift one’s mood easily. 

Cooking and Gardening 

Creativity has no end to it. One can try out making the dish that s/he did  not have in a very long time due to busy schedules. Now with plenty to call in for cooking will definitely destress and once the taste buds will get what it has been waiting for since so long, it will directly trigger a good mood which is just the beginning of a calm and composed mind. 

We require to pay a lot of attention to the minute details while gardening. The more attention we pay, the better results we get (not limited to gardening). So the duration of attention we will put into the greens will relax us as well as soothe our reckless nerves if any and will help us define calmness in the most simple ways. 
The mind should be full of good and creative things. Then only the mindfulness hits the right notes with all our senses. It is never too late for the mind to be still. It is never too late to pay attention to ourselves……probably the only aspect that was getting neglected due to those beeping notifications for meetings and conferences. Happy #ProjectYou. All the best!