What Qualities in a Teacher Inspire Students and Win Their Hearts and Minds

They Guide us, They Support us, They inspire us.
They walk with us in the journey of our Success.

Who are they? Parents! Yes, they are always with us. But there is one more critical influence that stays with us in our high and lows, that works hard for our future when our parents are not around? Our Teachers! The most precious gift THE GURU can give you is the right values and beliefs which will work as a ray of light in your tough times.

Here are some of our senior batch students sharing their perspective of right values and beliefs imparted by their teachers into them. Check out what qualities these students appreciate in their teachers while listening to their career-transformational stories.

1.Consistency and Persistence is the key

Prof. Vibhor Katria worked as hard as Bhavya in her journey of pursuing an MBA degree. He not only trusted her willingness but also understood her aspiration to claim the “Batch Topper” milestone. His quality of not setting limits to life literally helped Bhavya achieve that milestone.

One teacher who has always instilled confidence in me is Prof. Vibhor Kataria. His quality of constantly motivating us to set high expectations from our PGDM, not only helped me do wonders in this journey but also helped me achieve my milestone of becoming a batch topper. He has not only motivated me to do better but has also put in efforts to ensure that I don’t deviate from my goal and that is commendable,” says Bhavya Kalra (Class of 2021 Batch Topper)

2.Believer of sanguine approach

Dr. Ekta Singhal really worked as a guiding light for Shirly. She taught her the art of making decisions by keeping her thoughts intact. Leading her way through all the tough times is what Shirly has always desired and Dr. Ekta has been her one-stop-guidance source for all her queries.

“She is a lady with high spirits, sweet voice and an everlasting smile. I really want to thank Ekta Ma’am. Ever since I entered FIIB, I have seen her as a mentor in every way. No matter what problems I brought to her table, she handled it diligently and made me realize how by keeping calm in trivial situations helps us arrive at a better decision. She has, in a true sense, made me take appropriate steps in becoming a future leader. Her sanguine approach has made a difference in how I see challenges now,” Shirly Rex (Co-founder, Content Duniyaa and aspiring Future Leader)

3.A Great Listener

Prof. Arpan Anand supported Krishna with all his will and listened to every query of his like it was his own. He helped Krishna to choose the right path for his Professional Career.

“I really want to thank Arpan Sir. Though he taught me for 1st semester only still he was always there whenever I needed his support. Be it at the time for choosing electives, during CIP and SIP projects or, for career guidance – he was all ears, always. I have never formally thanked him for his support. So thank you Sir for your support and guidance,” says Krishna Chandana (Thankful Student)

4.Learn, Explore and Taste Success

Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari helped Riya realise that to learn better, one needs to explore better. And you can achieve anything if you’re determined towards it. She has lived those struggles with her and showed her the path of success.

“Mentor’s inspire you to rise and shine, indeed it’s the truth. Thank you Nidhi ma’am for trusting me and motivating me to be a strong leader. I have never thought of writing an academic case and getting awarded for it. As it was not even in my list but your constant support helped me through with those sleepless nights. The one thing which will stay with me for life is your never giving up attitude,” says Riya Dua (Case Writing Workshop Winner and Published Author)

5.Be Responsible for your Actions

Tarun found a great friend and the best advisor in Dr. Sudhir Rana. He not only helped him with all the trivial matters but also supported him in the journey of being a Club Leader.

“Thank you, Dr. Sudhir Rana, for being the master of research papers and a great friend. You were always there for me, be it club related issues or any issue in general. You have been a great friend and the best advisor. The one thing I am most thankful for is that you taught me the importance of taking ownership of my actions and also taught me how to work in teams,” says Tarun Kumar Kashyap (A Learner)

6.Knowledge is to share

Prof. Sanjay Tiwari listened and solved every query of Saumya and taught her how to outshine by showing her the path of knowledge and a set of correct values.

Thank you Sanjay sir for all the career guidance, you have taught me so many things, from how to properly manage my work and time to how to be patient and corporate ready. Being with you I have learned how academic knowledge adds values to your life. You have been my guiding light and always showed me the correct path in this PGDM Journey,says Saumya Srivastav (Knowledge Seeker)

These stories are a tribute to all teachers out there who have lived and worked as hard for the dreams of their students, Not just one but many. It takes a big heart to shape other’s future and we are indeed thankful to all of you.

Happy Teachers Day to all our Sung and Unsung Heroes!