What Young India Wants?

Through the bonafide sources of my college Fortune Institute of International Business, I got the privilege to attend Chetan Bhagat’s book launch. The book is a collection of Chetan Bhagat’s articles of social concerns and is named as ‘What Young India Wants’.

On my way to the book launch, the name of the book struck to me as a question, what exactly the young India wants?  Sitting in the conference Hall, before the brain storming session started, my thoughts extracted another question from the earlier unanswered one.  This time it was what India wants from the young?  Well both the questions are interrelated as the answer to the former part relies on the foundation of the later part.

The young India wants the conditions to change, the environment to change, they want to change for the better.  But the degree of change required needs a big price to be paid and that is sacrifice.  Take any big example from history, revolution demands sacrifice.  But the thing is no one is ready to feed to the need of sacrifice.

The youth today is capable of providing such sacrifices, the youth today can be a part of political systems, can join military can serve to the nation by social work.  But this is where the problem lies.  In the race of getting basic needs, social status and secure future, the youth is never motivated to serve nation.  Parent force the children to choose the fields like medicine, engineering, management or government jobs, no doubt one can serve the nation by being a doctor, engineer or a manager  but the question to be asked is do they?  The change starts from where the problem lies.  In India the problem lies with inefficient policy making, lack of implementation and follow up those policies so the basic problem lies with the politics of the country.  But if a twenty year old boy or girl stands up today and tell his/her parents that he wants to join politics.  Most of the parents would discourage him/her to do so.  A politician today is viewed as a corrupt, scammist, termite to the nation but a good politician does the same job as a manager does – he manages the nation, same as a doctor does- he heals the wounds and treats the illness of the nation, or an engineer does- he creates strong foundations for the future of the country.  I know the real picture is a lot more dirty, most of the politicians today are not adequately qualified to form policies and take decisions for the nation.  But if we aspire to change the conditions, then we have to take the pain to change them.  To bring the change, we have to change and this is what India wants from the young.

India where one young Indian today wants to get into an IIM or an IIT to get a trunk full of salaries and perks every month to satisfy his social and security needs, there is another young Indian who has one of his foot in the quick sand of poverty and another into the rags of unemployment bearing the weights of hunger on his head who is even deprived of his basic needs.  This drastic deviation in aspirations depict a problem.  There are a lot of problems that India is facing today such as poverty, unemployment, inequality, inefficient political system and many such things but the biggest problem is that we as the citizen of India are not willing to do anything to solve these problems.

Today I as a young Indian realize my obligations to the country and as a young Indian I want to change for the change.