Women are Born Leaders

JulesMicklete- “women is a miracles of divine contradiction”.

We have come across many leaders from past centuries but the question here is the leader of 21st century. In this dynamically changing environment we need leaders who can understand what actually the need of the society is.

An ideal leader is a person who has solutions before we raise any questions. It is a person who walks one mile more than the others, who eats one morsel less than the others , who sleeps less than the others, who leads unconditionally for others.

But when I keep women in context of leader, I find only one answer-“women are born leaders”. Because it is the women in a family who decides on every issue whether it being about the menu to the most important decisions but because of the orthodox family traditions and believes they are kept al supple level , in spite of this there is no doubt that women have been instrumental.

My mother is my role model who has enthused in me one of the basic values of life sincerity, honest, truthfulness, morality and enthusiasm. These are the qualities that are lacking in today’s leaders.

Stanley Baldwin has rightly said that I would rather trust a women instinct than a man’s reason. There are not many women in light presently but it is always said that behind every man there is a women.

It is the women of the family- be it mother, wife, sister, daughter who takes care of emotional as well as personal needs of a man to allow them to love, to be strong, to fight against the world and think for the betterment of the country and the nation.

It’s not just at domestic level we have seen women balancing their families so beautifully but also on political, social and religious front. In case of Indianpolitics the best examples are Razia Sultana and Chand Bibi , the lady who raised against  the mighty Akbar, and not to forget the brave Rani of Jhansi.

In context of religion, we have Mother Mary, Janab-e-Khatija, Bibi Fatima and Ma Parvati. These are the ladies who have liberated Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad to look beyond the small tensions of the family and household. They were able to take care of social and legal issues because women were behind them to support.

Women like Sonia Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Chandra Kocher, Angelina Mackerel,Hillary Clinton are examples of true leaders. They balance their personal as well as professional lives so well maintaining a balance.

If women know the amount of work that has to be done it is not just the quantity but also the quality of work that she looks upon. Women are emotionally intelligent which makes then a true perfectionist.

Lastly, I would like to say that women have the ability to control multiple aspects of life at a particular time. They have love to shower, they have their efficiency to prove and a women never wants to be a looser a women is always a winner and in an complex environment it is the women who brings about 1-1 situation.